Weekly Devotional 12-3-18 Globalization

Weekly Devotional 12-3-18 Globalization

Much has been in the news lately about globalization and nationalism, some holding to one philosophy and some to the other. Those who hold to globalization contend that many good things could result from a unified world. If the world was a perfect place, and man had escaped the clutches of having a sinful nature, perhaps that would be true. In fact, there is coming a day when that will be true. Jesus Christ will walk among men again. He will rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He will rule over a kingdom that will be righteous. Not righteous according to man’s estimation, but reflective of the righteousness of Holy God. This kingdom could be established soon, perhaps in just a few short years. But until then, man will pursue such a kingdom to no avail. Because this is not a perfect world and man is subject to his sinful nature.

Most people, of course, hope for a unified, peaceful world, that is only rational. However, man must be careful of what he wishes for because he might get his wish.

Revelation, chapter 13 tells of two men who will rise up offering worldwide peace and unification, but when implemented, it will prove to be otherwise. One will be a political leader, and one will be a religious leader. They will work hand in hand in order to establish a one world order, globalization. (Please read Revelation chapter 13 in its entirety). It will start well, but it will end in totalitarianism. Man will lose his sovereignty. He will not be able even to buy or sell unless he has taken a mark that shows his allegiance to these two men. So, man must be careful of what he wishes. But cheer up, the Lord will rescue man from such self-made affliction. We will talk about this next week.

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