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10-26-20 / Lian Kim Introduction

Lian Muan Kim

On the following pages you will learn what the Lord is bringing to pass in Myanmar (Burma). Spiritual darkness permeates much of the country, held in the grip of Buddhism, Animism, and various cults. But God is mightier than them all and is shining the light of the gospel into many souls.

As a means of introducing his ministry brother Kim gives the following background of the spiritual awakening in Myanmar and his ministries, to wit: “Some years ago Missionaries from American Baptist Missions came to Myanmar. They were the ones who first told us about Jesus and the gospel. But a few decades after they were gone, the church became very liberal and unbiblical. But, from that beginning God raised up a man (Reverend Hau Lian Kham) who preached ‘we are saved by grace through faith.’ The American Baptist kicked him out along with other people who also believed that a person is saved by grace through faith. They were ‘born again people.’ Kim writes that his father (Nang Mung) was one of these born again persons. Those who left the American Baptist conference started a fellowship called the ‘Evangelical Baptist Church of Tedim.’” (End of transcription).

From these beginnings the Evangelical Baptist Conference was formed, and from this first church there is now over 400 churches and adding. One such church is the Fundamental Baptist Church located in Yangon, a small fellowship but is thriving and the congregation is hungry for the word. Its pastor, Khin Htwe and his wife came from a discipleship group led by brother Kim.

Another church sprang up earlier in 1991 (the Evangelical Baptist Church of Tedim). This was a result of a revival held in Tedim in the 1970’s. This is was Kim’s home church where he was refreshed each Lord’s day by its pastor (Pastor Khenpi) and Christian brothers and sisters.

The work began in Tedim, has spread to the border of India on the north, about 60 miles away, and to the west about 100 miles distance. Many churches have been planted between Tedim and these borders. God is raising up young men who are being trained to evangelize people fulfilling the commission given by Jesus 2,000 years earlier. The Evangelical Baptist conference, now under the leadership of Sia Lyan Kap, has been and is instrumental in carrying out this commission and great things are being accomplished.

Brother Kap is the pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Tedim and the administrator of the Timothy Evangelical Theological school also located in Tedim. He is a wonderfully spiritually gifted man and a true brother in Christ; One that I am please to call brother and, friend. While I was in the Tedim area I was hosted by him and housed in the dormitory of that school. Many young men have been excited toward and called into ministry through his work; that is, his teaching and shepherding of the Evangelical Baptist Conference church of Tedim and the Timothy school.

Years ago the Lord laid on brother Kim’s heart to establish a seminary where aspiring pastors and leaders of various kinds could receive the instruction necessary for ministry. To date, the Lord continues to supply a building, students, and funding. Many persons who believe they have been called by God have studied at this seminary and have now gone out establishing churches throughout Myanmar, India, America, Australia several other countries.

In addition to the Seminary another outreach in which brother Kim has a part is pre-schooling. Parents are happy to have a place where their preschoolers are safe and provided for while they work or are engaged in some other activity. The teachers mostly have a free hand in what they teach and are instrumental in giving these wards a foundation from which they can mature. Christian pre-schools have a difficult time. They have no money, so to speak and fund their work by what can be provided by the parents, which is minimal, and contributions by others such as you and I. Brother Kim periodically dips into his own support and provides some of these needed funds.

Another ministry that Kim is a part of is an orphanage “Home of Hope” operated by his older brother Dongh Nang and his wife Mangu. Said orphanage was started by Kim’s mother several years earlier but has passed into the hands of Dongh and Mangu. I visited this orphanage and can attest that God’s word is the focus of their ministry. What a work! The attitude if this couple is not to just provide a place for these orphans but become family with them. Over the years many have grown to maturity having been loved by them and have gone on into Christian ministry of one kind or another.

There are still many obstacles that need to be overcome in evangelizing Myanmar, Buddhism rules; but those who are involved in the pre-school systems and higher education venues have learned that under the vail of teaching English they have a road into the lives of those they mentor. The interesting thing is the state allows them to use the Bible in their teaching English to their students. What a wonder! This should remind us of God’s proclamation through the Psalmist: “1 Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, 3 ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away Their cords from us.’ 4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision” (Psalm 2:1-4).
The Lord will not be defeated; He will accomplish that which He has purposed.
There is a spiritual revival going on in Myanmar commenced in Tedim back in the late 1970’s. From a one church beginning there are over 400 Evangelical Baptist churches spread across the land. Of course, instrumental in this growth is God. It is His Spirit, the holy Spirit that convinces and convicts persons of their need to be brough into the family of God. It is confirmed in them that they must trust God’s provision for their reconciliation to Him, and that reconciliation is Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.
Nang Mung (Kim’s father) was also instrumental in the early growth of the Evangelical Conference. Since his con-version in the mid 1970’s, he dedicated himself to serving God. He visited various families three times a week to encourage them and pray with them. During the years since his own “born again experience” he traveled the land as an evangelist, without pay, visiting and revisiting about 150 villages testifying about Jesus Christ and man’s need of God’s mercy and grace. He also dedicated his 5 children to the Lord and has worked tirelessly in maturing them in the faith. The oldest Dongh Nang is a pastor of an EBC church and the principle of a Christian school. As mentioned earlier Dongh Nang and his wife Mangu administer the Home of Hope orphanage where they lovingly support and nourish orphans at various stages of life. They think of these young person’s as being their own sons and daughters, providing their physical and spiritual needs. They presently have limited space but are in the process of building their own facility.

Nang Mung’s oldest son teaches at a mission school. Nang’s daughter is married to a pastor. His youngest son is teaching at brother Kim’s seminary. Of course, there is Kim himself. The whole family is serving the Lord. Brother Kim spent several years in the United States preparing himself to serve God “whole-heartedly”. Since his return to Myanmar, he has opened his seminary “Koinonia and besides his other ministries already mentioned he routinely visits remote villages bringing them the word of God and establishing churches in said villages. In addition he writes commentaries on the books of the Bible and monitors the translating work of men that are associated with “Bibles International of Myanmar” who are busily translating the Bible into various languages of Myanmar.

The young Evangelical pastors of Myanmar are hungry for these commentaries and other sound theologically sound books. From first had experience I know of their need. I have written eight books to that end and Kim has translated them into Zokan and to date we have distributed about 10,000 copies. Another brother has written a book “Understanding the Signs of our Times” which has been translated into Zokan and 1500 copies have printed and distributed. Still, many more books are needed.

Well, I pray that this information has given you insight into brother Kim’s ministry. Nancy and I are blessed in knowing that you have at least taken time to learn of Kim and his ministries.
Transforming Power; The Work of God on Behalf of Man

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