Weekly Devotional 10-11-21 Our Prayers

Weekly Devotional 10-11-21 Our Prayers

Shouldn’t our prayers be filled with praises, acknowledging God’s holiness and righteousness and that He is just in all His ways? Shouldn’t our prayers be filled with thanks as we recall all that He has accomplished for, and in us? Shouldn’t we express our thankfulness that Jesus paid the price of our redemption, that Father God called us out of spiritual darkness, and that the Holy Spirit regenerated us unto newness of spiritual life? Shouldn’t we be thankful that we have been declared righteous? Shouldn’t we be thankful that He continues to change us from the persons we were to the persons He would have us to be? We believe that yes is the answer to each of these questions.

Further, God wants us to come to Him with all that is happening in our lives; the good things as well as the not-so-good things, the things that have brought us joy and the things that have hurt us. The easy things and the difficult things, the solvable and the unsolvable things. He wants us to involve Him in every aspect of our lives because in doing so we sense His presence.

Prayer is also a channel through which He speaks to us. As we pray the Holy Spirit speaks into our spirits opening our hearts and minds to what the Father wants for, and of us. Prayer adjusts our considerations about ourselves and God.

Oh, the blessedness of prayer!



Transforming Power; The Work of God on Behalf of Man


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