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Myanmar Reports 10-28-20

July through October 20 updates.

Greetings from the golden land of pagodas! May you receive endless grace and mercy from God who is working in and through us even in the midst of this perverted generation. What a joy to know that He is still working on and using us!

Koinonia Seminary
We are doing great. Covid-19 dismissed us from regular on campus classed since September. Half of our pastor-students had to go home and take classes with Zoom, while the other half is staying on campus working on their Theses. God brought 27 this year that we may carefully instruct them in the Lord. Though we all can’t stay and study together on campus we can continue our classes with Zoom. Training for them hasn’t stopped. In fact, God has opened more doors to reach more people with the gospel. Apart from teaching our students, we can have Bible studies and disciple-ship classes with spiritually hungry people with Zoom. We are also reaching many Myanmar refugees who are in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, etc. Our schedules are even tighter. We reach more people this year than the previous years with the Word of God. God has made the pandemic lockdown a blessing in disguise. Let the people (us) rejoice and glorify Him all the more.

Food for the hungry
Many of our believing friends are hungry do to Covid-19. Mostly they are manual workers.
We visited the Crosslife Church we started last year. Dr. Kham Mung, one of our Seminary professors, is pastoring this family church. They called us and said, “We have no more food.” So we squeezed our wallets and bought them bags of rice, potatoes, eggs, and cooking oil. We are also sharing to individual and families who suffer the most in times like this.
One more tool for our pastors

A few months ago, I was teaching about assurance and security of salvation and I came to know that most of the pastors here didn’t understand the subject. As a matter of fact, they thought they were not secured. My heart broke and I started to pray about it for some days. Finally the Lord strengthened me to write this book- “95 Theses on the Assurance and Security of Salvation. It took me about 100 days (thanks to the shutdown). It’s now been widely read and aligning many pastors’ theology with the Bible. Your gifts made it possible. A million thanks!

Home of Hope orphanage

For years they have not had secure housing, that have been forced to relocate many times. Many of the landlords would promise housing but when it was realized that they could receive more rent money from other persons they would force the orphanage out. Another issue, was the buildings Home of Hope was able to rent was not adequate to the number of number of children. Privacy became an issue especially when the children would get older. Constant moving became an issue. So after much prayer, they thought the best option was to build the own housing. They obtained a loan and from a relative and began building. God honored their efforts. A Christian brother who I used to have Bible study with showed up with bricks enough for the whole building, A widow whose children I discipled years ago showed up and provided cement. A Christian brother (John N.) from the united states donated almost half of monies needed for the steel. Much of the labor is being done by the kids themselves. God is good, God is good all the time.

Praise the Lord for
1) Protection and provisions for our family and co-workers.
2) The publication of “95 Theses of the Assurance and Security of Salvation.

3) $1,900.00 for pastor Kyaw Swe’s church building in Naung Khan village. He started the church earlier this year and now there are about 300 members. Once the lockdown ends, building starts.

4) $1,800.00 for pastor Yaw Kee’s church building fund. About 6 months ago, he started a church with 10 families; Now there are 27 families plus a few singles. Building starts once the lockdown ends.

5) Two Families converted from Animism.

6) Eight new converts who took baptism in October and a few others who haven’t had the courage to get baptized (once they do it, they will be cast out from home and society). Two have been cast out and are now staying with our missionary family.

7) Opportunities to share with the hungry

8) Cheerful givers for my family, for the Seminary, and its building project. God has provided through you $19,834.94 which is 13.8% of the need.

Please Pray For

1) Liannu (my wife) and the birth of our baby boy. She is deliver at 5:30 a.m. on October 29th by “c section).

2) For the salvation of our boys

3) The two new churches planted in the last two months (8 new churches in the last 6 months) that they might grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord.

4) Our 46 missionaries

5) Church Leadership Seminar with Zoom from November 11-13. About 100 pastors will attend, though I have never seen them before. They are from the Eastern and Southern parts of our country.

The blessings of working with you (you are truly our partners), has been immeasurable. We are what we are today because God is using you to meet our needs-both family and ministry needs. Because of you, we are much more effective in the ministries of equipping faithful men, planting the Seed, watering the plants, and harvesting the crops. The best is yet to come.
I believe God is going to do greater things in and through us for His own glory. Let us be always available. Thank you very much. May God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask for you.
Because He lives,
The Kims

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