Dear Friend

If you have been blessed by our weekly devotionals over these past years (since 2008) we ask that if our Lord should move you to make a one time donation or perhaps periodic donations it would be greatly appreciated. Your donation will go to our missionary in Myanmar (formally Burma). His name is Lian Kim and you will find information about him by going to his page site. Please make your check payable to Missionary Clearing House and in the memo space write, to the account of Lian Kim. Please mail your check to “Transforming Power C/O Steve Lampman-P.O. Box 443-Chinchilla, PA. 18410” We forward to CMCH all such donations on or about the 10th of each month.

Please make sure that you include your address or your email address as CMCH will send you an acknowledgement of reception. CMCH will wire said donation to Dr.Kim at the end of each perspective month and he in turn will also send you an acknowledgement. You will find that One hundred percent of your donation will be received by him.

Thank you and Blessings