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From the Desk of Oscar Leske


Croatian member of the European Parliament stated at their meeting in Stroudsburg, France on October 6, 2023, that the World Economic Form was the world’s most dangerous international association and here are some of the things that he mentioned. “This international association consists of mega corporations, big banks, billionaires, lobbyists, and politicians and its founder is the notorious Klaus Schwab. There is no greater danger to the rule of law, democracy, and the free market than this sect, whose private financial interests are ahead of the interests of humanity. It is the largest networked organization of the world’s conspirators, creating all the agendas we have witnessed in recent decades: wars, pandemics, inflation, and policies of so-called “green transition” which result in the impoverishment and suffering of billions of people around the world.

Malicious ideas are created there (Davos meetings), which are later worked out in detail by the media and politicians they own. This group itself states that the globalized world is best offered by self-selected multinational corporations, governments, and international civil society organizations.” (UN, WHO, etc.)

I would like to add that the elite’s idea is this: We choose ourselves, we do not participate in democratic elections, but we rule. Should anything be added to that? The WEF is by definition the largest creator of corruption in the world, a place where those aristocrats, bureaucrats, and billionaires meet to wield political power over Europe, United States and other Western nations. Every year in January, they meet in Davos, Switzerland to receive orders that they must carry out in the coming year period. Which they are happy to do because they know that without this sect their political careers would not exist.

The WEF’s mission is to strip away the rights of individuals and the democratic process of their sovereign nations and surrender all ownership and control to unelected power elites. It is WEF’s intention to penetrate and capture governments around the world in order to do away with democracy and establish a globalized world run by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (through the UN system) and select civil society organizations.

Yes, there is a plan behind everything that is happening today, and that plan is for a New World Order. The elites are no longer hiding it as a “conspiracy” theory any longer, as the global leaders, governments, and high-tech companies who are planning and implementing this have come out into the open and published it. The “Great Reset” – Trans-Humanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution as well as the UN “New World Order.” The plan for the New World Order economic system has been in place for a number of years now, just waiting for the right opportunity to be launched, and the worldwide threat of a Coronavirus that has been used to create fear and panic worldwide, has given them the perfect opportunity to begin implementing this plan.

In this plan, values like individualism, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are at stake, to be discarded in favour of collectivism (socialism) and the imposition of a “common good” that is defined by the self-proclaimed elite of technocrats. What is sold to the public as the promise of equality and ecological sustainability is in fact a brutal assault on human dignity and liberty. Instead of using the new technologies as an instrument of betterment for humanity, the Great Reset seeks to use the technological possibilities as a tool of enslavement. In this New World Order, the state is the single owner of everything (Communism/Fascism). It is left to our imagination to figure out who will program the algorithms that manage the distribution of the goods and services.

The WEF advertised motto is: “You will own nothing and be happy.” It isn’t hard to guess who wants to own everything, but they never mention that.


It is upsetting to see that we humans repeat so many mistakes throughout the course of history. It is frustrating, however, to watch today’s political leaders push humanity down the exact same path that led to such monstrous tragedies in the recent past. When will the lesson be learned that censorship of opposing points of view lead to irreparable and social division? When will governments grasp that coercion only intensifies the human desire to be free? When will courts realize that a two-tier justice and political persecutions ensure the rule of laws demise. How many more lives must be lost before those who exercise power understand that tyranny always leads to terror? What is blatantly obvious is the repeats of the past are right in front of us today for those who have eyes to see  – Totalitarianism (tyranny and authoritarian rule).

Totalitarianism triggered Nazi ideology, World War II, and the Cold War. If any nation of people should have learned the harsh repercussions of totalitarianism, it is Germany. Instead, today’s German leaders seek to ban opposition political parties and silence dissent. Instead, they micromanage economic activity under the dangerous propaganda campaign of “climate change.” They disrupt social cohesion and cultural unity by opening Germany’s borders to illegal aliens from unassimilable civilizations. They use the horrors of their own past to slander political protesters as “fascists.” Nearly a century ago, German Nazis rose to power by dehumanizing much of Europe. Now their ideological descendants dehumanize those who oppose growing German totalitarianism by ironically branding them as Nazis.

In this setting, and his quest for a one world government, German Klaus Schwab has built the World Economic Form as an engine for making oppressive government universal. It is a strange sight to see Western nations send their parliamentarian leaders, foreign ministers, military generals, and prominent business executives to Schwab’s WEF powwows in Davos, Switzerland every January – where they try to organize how best to dominate and manipulate their respective national populations without even the pretense of a democratic mandate or constitutional legitimacy.

Central control inevitably leads to tyranny. History can teach us many lessons but those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not know or who may have forgotten, central planning is always a feature of totalitarianism, tyrannical communism, or fascist governments. The WEF is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a neutral entity. The organization has specific policy goals that involve centralizing power in the hands of hand-picked global elites as the only means to save the planet from an alleged “climate emergency” that they are trying to create. They are using “climate change” for political change to further their own agenda for a New World Order – to completely take over the planet and make us, the people, their serfs.

Schwab and his allies in the WEF dictate their own agenda to leaders of sovereign nations. Schwab openly gloats that several world leaders are in his pockets and that he has installed WEF operatives in the upper echelons of powerful government administrations. In 2017, Schwab boasted that the WEF has penetrated global cabinets and controls the leaders of several sovereign nations, including UK, France, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, and Argentina.


A top European union official on February 11 spoke out to warn the public that the World Economic Forum is pushing to seize control of carbon dioxide (CO2) so the unelected globalist organization can “control the people.” The warning was issued by Rob Roos, independent Member of the European Parliament (MEP). As Roo notes, the WEF has no interest in environmental issues and is only pushing the green agenda to seize more power and control in the Western world. They go against family values, natural food (dairy and meat products) and they go against freedom. This is all about a new form of communism, Roos said. Then he added, If you want to control the people, you have to control the CO2 because everything we do in life; breathing, living, travelling, eating, and everything we do in life leads to CO2 emissions. And if you can control the CO2, you can control the people.” He further explained that the ultimate control comes when these elitists connect people’s digital identities to the central bank’s digital currency.

Many scientists caution that “decarbonization” will not make any difference at all because CO2 is not causing “global warming” in the first place. In fact, according to these scientists global warming causes more CO2. They tell us that contrary to popular opinion, temperatures don’t follow CO2 but instead CO2 follows temperature, which, itself, is due to solar activity. Again, CO2 doesn’t cause a change in temperature; temperature causes a change in CO2.

Overall, climate is going to do whatever the sun dictates. Scientists tell us that they have a fairly good understanding of the different cycles the sun can go through and how they pile up. Like the 1000-year cycle which seems to be quite strong. According to them, we had the Roman era warm period, then approximately 1000 years later the medieval era warm period and now with the same duration we have the modern warm period; one, two, three.

The “Net Zero” goals pushed by radical progressive politicians, and rogue billionaires, like Bill Gates, advocating for “green policies” are all designated to strip the public of their freedoms and turn citizens into taxpaying consumers who fuel the global elite’s agenda.

Claims of a “climate crisis” are being promoted around the globe by governments and their media accomplices in an effort to comply with the green agenda goals of the World Economic Form, United Nations, the World Health Organization, and other unelected globalist organizations. Meanwhile, powerful hypocritical elites promoting the green agenda will continue to fly around in their private jets spewing mega amounts of CO2’s and eating meats because they think they’re part of the solution and we the people are the problem. Total hypocrites as they want to eliminate meat from the food supply and replace it with insect or plant-based protein made in the lab.

If the WHO Pandemic Treaty gets passed by world governments this summer then we could expect sometimes in the future climate lockdowns. Shutting down the planet in the name of “climate change.” Shutting down most human activity and travel outside of basic production.



We are now looking at an insane war on carbon to supposedly save the planet. People need to understand that CO2 is actually an essential gas necessary for life. Yes, carbon is not only the basis of all life, but CO2 levels are only marginally above what’s necessary to sustain plant life. Moreover, its impact on earth’s temperature is negligible, and will remain negligible even if the current concentration in the atmosphere were to double.

The Great Reseters (WEF) are pushing a green agenda that demands the dismantling of energy infrastructure and farming in the name of stopping climate change, which quite obviously threatens our quality of life and food supply. The fact of the matter is that CO2 is not the “bad guy” it’s made out to be, and the “net zero” agenda is wholly inappropriate if maintaining life on earth is part of the equation. The globalists would want you to believe that CO2 should be treated as poison and is very dangerous, but they forget to mention that CO2 is essential for life on the planet. If you could get rid of 60% of CO2, we’d all be dead. The globalists climate change scheme is built on lies, including the lie that CO2 is bad for plants when it’s actually the single most important molecule that allows trees, grasses, and food crops to thrive. CO2 is an elixir of life, supporting plants since the world began making virtually all life on earth possible.

CO2 is a very essential and natural part of life. It is a gas of life. We’re made of carbon after all, mostly carbon, and we breathe out a lot of CO2 a day just by living. Each of us breathes out about 2 pounds of CO2 a day so just (by) living, people are a nonnegotiable part of the CO2 budget of the earth.

Nevertheless, we are living through a WEF crusade against a so-called pollutant CO2. They talk about carbon pollution but everyone of us is polluting the earth by breathing. Is this why they want to get rid of 86% of the population – playing God as to who is to live and who is to go. Destroying our food supply with their war on farmers. Yes, the anti-carbon agenda directly targets humans and human activities. The answer, according to the WEF, is that members of the general public must drastically lower their quality of life while handling over vast sums of cash to the global elites and governments in carbon tax, etc. WEF members demanding that taxpayers around the globe cough up $5 trillion every year in order to advance the globalist “Net Zero” agenda. This would bankrupt society and make the public dependent on the unelected elites.

Yes, we’re doing all sorts of crazy things because of this alleged pollutant…. More and more beautiful meadows are being covered with black solar panels which doesn’t work very well. It doesn’t work at night, and it doesn’t work on a cloudy day. It doesn’t work terribly well in the middle of the winter because of the angle the sun and just two weeks ago in Damon, Texas some 10,000 panels were destroyed by hail. But nevertheless, we’re doing it because we are being misled into this climate hysteria by the elitists and the WEF.

Look, more CO2 will green the planet more as plants thrive on CO2 and will make the planet more hospitable to plant life. CO2 reduces the water needs of plants, reducing the risks associated with droughts. The more CO2 there is, the better plants and trees grow, so if we want lush forests and bountiful harvests, cutting CO2 is the last thing we would want to do.


Starting in the mid-20th century, companies began distorting and manipulating science to favour specific commercial interests. This distortion of science is what is used today to support the elitists climate change agenda. The system is rigged to support the climate change narrative.

Back then it was Big Tobacco when strong evidence that smoking causes lung cancer emerged in the 1950s, the tobacco industry began a campaign to obscure this fact. The tobacco industry scientific disinformation campaign sought to disrupt and delay further studies, as well as scientific doubt on the link between cigarette smoking and harms. This campaign lasted for almost 50 years and was extremely successful… until it wasn’t. This tobacco industry’s strategic brilliance lay in the use of a marketing and advertising campaign (otherwise known as propaganda) to create scientific uncertainty and sow doubts in the minds of the general public.

Fast-forward to the present and we see most climate change scientists receive funding from the government. So, they must comply with the government edict and policy position that human-activity cause climate change which is an existential potential threat to both humankind and global ecosystems. When these scientists published study supporting the thesis that human activity cause climate change, they are more likely to receive more grant monies and therefore more publications and therefore to be academically promoted (or at least to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of modern academia). Now, other scientists who follow the true science to wherever that leads, who produce a counter narrative from the government approved one soon find themselves without funding, tenure, without jobs, unable to publish and unable to procure additional grants and contracts. It is a dead-end career wise. So, anyone or anything that went against the narrative of climate change was considered a war on the government and funding was denied. This is how the system works. The system is rigged.

There is now a new wrinkle in what has happened with corrupted climate change activism/propaganda science and that is that the manipulation of research is crossing into other areas. No longer satisfied with oppressing climate change scientists, climate change narrative enforcers have moved into the nutritional sciences. They are using the biosciences, specifically nutrition science, to support the climate change agenda. It is another whole-of-government response to the crisis, just like with Covid 19.

Just like with the tobacco industry scientific disinformation campaign, they are distorting health research to make the case that eating meat is dangerous to humans. Normal standards for publication have been set aside. The propaganda is thick and easily spotted.

The NIH (National Institute For Health) is now funding researchers to find associations between climate change and health. Now, it is pretty clear that those whose research is set-up to find such associations will be funded, monies and grants provided. Hence, once again, the system is rigged to support the climate change narrative.

In the past four years we have seen that science can be corrupted under political pressure.


How can a worldwide network of elitists and billionaires further increase their power, wealth, and control over the rest of humanity? Quite easily it seems as that is exactly what’s happening today by scaring the heck out of us, so we would obey their every command, to save ourselves. What are they using to terrify us into obedience? Censorship, lies, hoaxes, and scams. Pure deception. They project a terrible threat into our mind and panic us, repeating it over and over again, until we believe it is true. Then we will dance to their every tune and become the perfect slaves. That’s how a small group of astronomically wealthy criminals are able to control billions of people, all around the world.

The current scam is called “climate change.” First, in 1975 the WEF used the existential threat that the world was cooling down and we were headed for an Ice Age. That proved to be such a crock, that they changed it to global warming. Look, we are all going to be boiled alive they said. The ice is melting from the poles, and our countries will drown like Atlantis. That proved to be wrong too. No such thing. So, they changed it once again to “climate change.” This way they can go any direction. Is there a sudden cold spell somewhere in the world? It’s climate change! Is there a heat wave elsewhere on earth? It’s climate change! Many nights on the 6 o’clock news you will hear this propaganda – climate change. Any weather event can now be used to push fear onto the population.

It is silly and insane, but nevertheless extremely dangerous and destructive. Because this insanity is used to impose suffering tyranny on humanity, of the likes which this world has never seen before. Forget China’s communism. What these globalists are preparing for the entire world is China on steroids – total tyranny and authoritarian rule over the population of earth using panic-induced climate change to accomplish the WEF goals.

The goal of the climate crisis narrative isn’t about saving the planet but rather ushering policies to comply with the radical green agenda goals by unelected globalist elites representing the interests of the World Economic Form, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and other non-governmental organizations. Meeting these climate goals involved stripping the public of their freedoms and rights to make the global masses easier to control by the few.

There is no real climate crisis. There is, however, a very real problem with the popular narrative about climate change that reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people. Misguided climate science has metastasized into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience. It has been promoted and extended by similarly misguided business marketing agents, politicians, journalists, government agencies, and environmentalists.

A leading climate scientist who was previously engaged with the World Economic Form, has made a controversial claim, asserting that the WEF’s environmental agenda is actually a guise for depopulating the planet under the pretense of ecological preservation. Dr. Judith Curry is a climatologist who has published over 140 scientific books and papers. This scientist, once a prominent figure in climate research and in the camp of the WEF admits to fabricating her studies, which falsely link climate change to an increase in severe weather events. Her involvement in climate science has significant influence, often cited by others within the field, adding gravity to her recent confession and the allegations against the WEF’s motives.

The level of madness these criminals (WEF, UN, WHO) are trying to implement in our world is too much for words. Some who read this, may not even believe it, as it is so ridiculous. And all of this is based on one single thing: CLIMATE CHANGE.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Slay News has previously reported, 1600 scientists, including two Noble Laureates, have signed a declaration asserting: “There is no climate emergency.” But under the guise of an imminent climate disaster, globalist elites, NGOs, governments, politicians, mega-corporations, and of course legacy media outlets push climate fear to usher in a reset of society in their quest for a New World’s Order – a tyrannical world governance.

How ironic, with the West shutting down coal plants to save the planet, we have 5 countries in Asia planning to build 1748 new coal plants. India and China alone are planning on building 1617 new coal plants. So, our standard of living in the West is going to decrease substantially because of false climate change policies and authoritarian rule but India and China’s standard of living is going to increase substantially as these two countries are not part of the WEF and the UN Agenda 2030. What a farce this is for everyone to see. Oh, I might add: Australia is planning to shut down its six remaining coal plants in order to SAVE the world – but China will build 1617 new coal plants. Why? Because China knows that climate change is a complete hoax.

Anyways, how do we end this madness? We can start by revealing the truth. I found a great tool for this, it is a newly published film, called CLIMATE, THE COLD TRUTH. It features scientists and experts who expose how this is an incredibly ridiculous scam, designed to enrich the rich and enslaved the rest.

Now, I know you may be busy and distracted, occupied and bound to all kinds of obligations, but at some point, this film is a must watch, and especially something you can share with family and friends. This movie makes everything clear and is highly enjoyable to learn the facts; to see the whole picture on climate. It was superbly produced so enjoy getting educated on the subject that will affect your life and the lives of your families. (Yesterday I read that the elites want to pull this video off the Internet so please view it before they do this).

Here is the link: *Click to watch.


If you control the food, you control the people. That’s ultimately their end goal. All around the world, unelected globalist bodies like the UN and the WEF are waging war against farmers in an attempt to seize control of the global food supply under the banner of UN Agenda 2030. It’s an agenda that is carried out on a global level that is being pushed through government officials in various perspective countries by implementing the same policies. It is a growing war against the food supply to supposedly fight global warming

So, the end goal of the war on farmers which we are seeing, which is guided at every step by the WEF policies for UN Agenda 2030 is a total consolidation of agriculture, a total consolidation of the food supply to control the food as well as the people of the world as they implement this New World Order and one world government.

Farmers throughout Europe are protesting the increased regulations, with major disruptions in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands but you won’t see that covered by the media, you won’t see it covered on the 6 o’clock news. Why? Because it goes against the WEF narrative – they own the media in Canada, and they don’t want you to see what’s going on in the rest of the world. How the farmers and the general population are so against these draconian “green” policies of the WEF.  There were protests throughout Europe but In France alone on Labor Day there were 200 towns and cities where protests were held but you saw none of this on the 6 o’clock news. How do I know? Because of alternative news sources on the Internet, I could view these protests with massive tractor convoys blocking highways and tying up traffic in major cities and dumping farm waste on public infrastructure, etc. There was a huge tractor convoy headed for Paris that dwarfed what we saw here in Canada (Truckers Convoy). Yet not a single mention of this in our regular news media. Why is that? It’s almost as if the media feels that this news would be against their political interests and climate change agenda. Maybe they’re worried that this might catch on here in Canada. So, in essence they are censoring you by not showing you the news if it goes against their own narrative and agenda. Like I said earlier the WEF has the Canadian media in their pockets. They’re not letting you see what’s really happening in the war on farmers in Europe on the 6 o’clock news. The Canadian Truckers Convoy protest pales in comparison as it was mainly in Ottawa but in Europe the tractor convoys and massive protests were throughout the major cities. Yes, unfortunately, in Canada we are being censored as to what they want you to see and what they don’t want you to see – people kept in the dark and really don’t know what’s going on worldwide.

WEF member calls for farming to be “Serious Crime,” equal to “Genocide.” Jojo Mehta, a speaker at the WEF annual meeting in Davo in January called upon globalist elites to push for farming to be labelled a “serious crime.” She said, Stop Echocide Now arguing that fishing and farming should be considered equal to “genocide.” It’s unbelievable how evil these people are. Globalist elites are increasingly seeking to demonize traditionally farmed foods in order to replace them with factory-made corporate-controlled products that the elites own. In a video statement the WHO director declared war on the meat industry and traditional farming.

The UN secretly working with banks to destroy American food industry. There is a new campaign against farmers, in which the United Nations works with banks to debank the food producers, closing their accounts and not allowing them to operate their businesses. Officials from 12 US states have sounded an alarm after finding out the unelected globalist United Nations is secretly working with banks to destroy the American farming industry.

The WEF declares war on coffee: no more than two or 3 cups per year. They’re not only after farmers now there after coffee producers and the coffee industry. Coffee agriculture is significant global market, and they want to kill that market. The WEF and the ruling elites have declared that coffee consumption is destroying the climate. They say that every time we drink coffee, we are basically putting CO2’s into the atmosphere which is a completely absurd argument as life cannot exist on Earth without CO2. Surely, these hypocrites serve coffee on Klaus Schwab’s private jet. The ruling elites want to strip us of all our earthly pleasures as they try to make us there serfs.

Calls from the WEF to ban home gardening.

It was recently reported on calls from the WEF to ban members of the general public from growing their own food at home. The unelected globalist WEF is calling on governments to ban people from growing food by arguing that they are causing “climate change.” According to their so-called experts, they discovered that the “carbon footprint” of home-grown food is destroying the planet. As a result, the WEF and other globalist climate zealots are now demanding that governments intervene and ban individuals from growing their own food in order to save the planet from global warming.

* This just came in from the Daily Mail (UK) on Sunday, April 7 that shows this “climate change” hysteria is ridiculous and completely out of hand saying that even a simple pair of jeans could be bad for the environment. The headline reads: Study reveals wearing a pair of jeans just once is equivalent to driving a car for 6.4 miles and produces 2.5 kg of CO2 per year per wear.

Understand What’s At Stake

Indeed, the forces at play on the global scene are marching us straight toward worldwide famine under the banner of saving the planet. Mass starvation will be the end result if they get their way, and there is every reason to suspect they know this because of their depopulation agenda. They’re not even trying to hide their depopulation plans anymore. Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, Yuval Harari, contrasted the 20th century with the 21st century while forecasting what he said is the current century’s diminishing need for human beings. According to his logic, “common people” have no right to exist unless they are in service of the elite. Harari’s comments are deeply disturbing because when they are placed in context with comments by other WEF advisors it becomes clear that they have depopulation on their mind – pure evil and anti-human.

In their latest escalation of war against humanity and their agenda of depopulation, globalists and their corporate media are now claiming that rice is bad for the planet. They want to halt rice farms, just as they halted meat farms across Europe. Rice feeds about half the world. Without it, billions will starve. This is the next step in the globalist plan for annihilation of human populations everywhere.

The government of the Netherlands announced it will forcibly close 2,500 cattle farms across Holland. Their goal is to force fully 30% of cattle farms to close or face expropriation. In Germany the German Meat Industry Association says that within the next 4 to 6 months Germany will face a meat shortage, and prices will skyrocket. Why? Because the issues in meat supply are due to Berlin insisting on reducing the number of livestock by 50% to reduce global warming emissions. I could go on with other countries, but I guess you can figure it out for yourself as to what is happening to the food supply chain in Europe and eventually coming to North America.

You’d have to be an idiot to not understand that if you drastically cut production of key food staples there will be food shortages, and if people don’t have enough to eat, eventually they die. You also have to be way behind the eight-ball not to realize that lab grown meat alternatives and insects will not provide the same nutrition as real meat, and malnutrition is almost as bad as no nutrition. The end result is much the same.

So, the “sustainability” these globalists are calling for is NOT the sustainability of the human population. The sustainability they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of their new global economic system, which is based on the allocation of all finite resources. And to whom will all these worlds’ resources be allocated? It will go to themselves – the technocratic echelon (global elites), which includes the richest of the rich, of course.

The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intent to strip us of our ownership rights and seize our assets. That’s what programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies tied to Digital IDs is all about. Somehow, the promise that we’ll “be happy” has also been thrown in there, but that’s pure fantasy and a lie. They want you to think that they are doing it all for us but it is the exact opposite because they’ll end up owning everything and we become their serfs.

It’s universally understood that private ownership is key to freedom and prosperity, which in turn tends to foster contentment and some measure of happiness. So, at this point, it’s really crucial that people understand the context within which the word “sustainability” is being used, and that implies the eradication of a large portion of humanity.

A person only needs to read World Economic Form founder and chairman Klaus Schwab’s book called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” It’s all there laid out for everyone to see what their “sustainability” agenda is. This is not a conspiracy theory. Go and read his book and see his plans for his vision of the New World Order.

In early February globalists have been gathering at the World Government Summit in Dubai to discuss advancing plans for a single global government. Klaus Schwab addressed attendees on his vision for a global government to “master” the human race. Schwab called for elites attending the Summit in Dubai to come together globally in order to “master” advanced technologies. He warned the summits attendees that the world could “escape our power” if they don’t act swiftly. Schwab highlighted how “fourth industrial revolution technologies” will play a role in his “Great Reset” agenda. He then declared: “Who masters these technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.”

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla electric cars, was also at the Summit in Dubai and what he had to say didn’t exactly tell the globalist attendees what they wanted to hear. Musk warned that trying to form a single world government could cause civilization to collapse.”

Yes, these globalists like to throw around these beautiful sounding words such as “sustainable transformation, climate-resistant, healthy diets” to address climate change to the rest of us, to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions if not billions if allowed to proceed.

When these globalists call for “an accelerated transformation” toward “sustainable and resilient” agriculture, food systems and supply chains to ensure that food systems better contribute to adaptation and mitigation to climate change – this is pure garbage doubletalk. Sustainable agriculture with “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions is Orwellian doublespeak… What in fact is being promoted is the most radical destruction of farming and agriculture globally under the name “sustainable agriculture.”

It is crucial that people understand and realize that the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s) has nothing to do at all with protecting the planet and its inhabitants from their own manufactured extensional climate threat; “climate change,” But, that it is a UN and WEF’s plan to facilitate and implement a One World Government, where the entire world will be run by unelected bureaucrats beholden to technocratic ideals. Today the United Nations assumes authority as the de facto global government – in effect, a world dictatorship – through the implementation of SDG’s is the United Nations’ real objective. “Climate change” is just the excuse.


The World Economic Form and the United Nations are pushing for the public to be issued mandatory digital IDs and CBDC’s and for the systems to be integrated. During this year’s annual WEF Summit in January, the unelected organizations members pushed for the system to also include a person’s vaccination status. Well, a couple weeks ago I read that it was announced that Australia has signed a WEF treaty that will see all major banks in the country close as citizens are forced to transition to a fully cashless society this coming October/November. A lot of Australians are upset how it’s going to affect the senior citizens. How close are we to a cashless society? I could see this possibly taking place in the US and Canada in the latter part of 2025 but probably more likely in 2026. A lot will depend on the US presidential elections as Trump is against CBDC’s, so we will have to wait and see.

WEF members frequently gloat that the plan would give the global elite “absolute control” over the general public. WEF members gloat over the social credit score of China already in place that is linked to the state’s central bank digital currency.

German MEP, Christine Anderson, explains how CBDC’s, in conjunction with digital ID, will be used to exert absolute control over the global population. She said, “If you don’t comply, they will just shut down your bank account and it’s not like it hasn’t happened before – look to Canada. There were people standing up for their freedom, for the right not to get some unknown substance injected into their arms and they shut down their bank accounts. So, if there was no cash, what are you going to do? They can just eliminate you with a flip of a switch. It’s as simple as that.”

We are looking at governments around the globe teaming up to create a controllable, traceable, programmable digital currency to replace the dollar. Giving them full control to: (1). Legally spy on how you spend every penny of your money. (2). Take control of your bank account and your purchases. (3). Silence any political opponents or anyone who may disagree with government policy. (4). Every single person in every single business is in grave danger of losing their social and financial freedoms.

The whole object of CBDC’s and digital IDs is basically to control everything you buy or sell as well as script control everything you do. Yes, the ultimate fear is if we get CBDC’s we can finish up like the Canadian truckers, people who were within the law found themselves outside the law and had their bank accounts frozen. Controlling people’s money would be the ultimate form of tyranny.


For the life of me, we just seem to have the biggest crop of idiots running governments in the West and nobody will stop and question what appears to have recently become fashionable – WAR (not peace, but war). Two years into this war in Ukraine and no one is calling for or suggesting peace talks be held to resolve the conflict, yet Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet. Are they that stupid to think that they could take on Russia without Russia responding with their nuclear weapons. It looks like our fearless leaders in the West are hell-bent on creating World War III because the monetary system is collapsing after years of mismanagement going back to World War II. Year after year countries have been borrowing money recklessly with no intention of ever paying anything back. Governments can no longer pay off the old debt with new debt – the governments Ponzi scheme has come to an end – the countries are all bankrupt. So, they want World War III, defeat Russia, and use the war as the excuse to default on all debt and launch a new world financial system. A new Bretton Woods II agreement using digital currency to ensure that the globalists will have total control of the financial system when they establish their New World Order.

Never, in my wildest imagination, did I ever expect our world leaders to actually court World War III. In my lifetime nuclear weapons have always been a deterrent to war. Apparently, not anymore. So, here we are. Every step these insane leaders take seem to welcome war. Today, none of these Western leaders are interested in peace.

Will there be World War III. I personally don’t think there will be an all-out nuclear war if that’s what people think. No, World War III is unlikely to be a direct war between the US, NATO, RUSSIA, and CHINA. Instead, the conflict will play out on different levels – proxy wars (what we now have in Ukraine but soon to expand), economic wars, financial wars, cyber wars, biological wars, deniable sabotage, and information wars. In a sense, World War III (new cold war) is already well underway, even though most people don’t recognize it.

With the sanctions put on Russia by the West we have now entered a different type of cold war. We now live in a bipolar world. There is now a new global conflict between the debt-based system of the West and the resource-based system of the BRICS. You have the United States and Europe versus the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). Last fall the BRICS expanded to include countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. And in the wings, there are 34 other countries that have signed on to join BRICS including Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Right now, in the BRICS camp you have approximately 48% of the world’s population.

Because of the conflict in Europe and the actions that were taken (sanctions against Russia) we now have a world that is divided into two competing financial systems. We now have China and Russia setting up a separate system away from the US-based SWIFT system by setting up their own financial system as an alternative for international transactions called CHIP. The BRICS countries realize that the West is fundamentally bankrupt and that’s why they’re getting out of the debt-based system of the West and setting up their own resource-based system.

Now, the neocons in Washington and NATO are clearly trying to force Russia to respond BEFORE the 2024 US election. Quite possibly look for a black swan (unexpected) event to take place between May and August. Could this be an escalation of the war in Europe and bringing in other countries into the conflict? Quite possibly, who knows? What is their end game? Do these people really think that they can destroy Russia without everything going nuclear. They assume they can destroy Russia and ask China, North Korea, and Iran to please wait in line for their turn to be destroyed. These neocons are filled with such hatred it is beyond description. Why? All they have to do is honour the Minsk Agreement that all parties (France, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia) agreed to, and the war would be over in 24 hours.

It’s obvious that the West negotiated in bad faith, intended from the outset to create this war. I cannot imagine a head of state signing a peace agreement and then admitting in public that they never intended to honor it. Look, it’s a fact, Angele Merkel of Germany admitted that the West never intended to honour the Minsk agreement. She said that they (EU and USA) played Putin for a fool to give Ukraine the time to build the largest army in Europe. You see the US and NATO were planning this war since 2014 when they overthrew the elected government of the Ukraine and provoked Russia coming into Ukraine to defend the 90+% Russian speaking Donbass region of Ukraine. The Russian speaking people of this region were always part of Russia until Nikita Khrushchev gave it over to Ukraine on April 26, 1954, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the “reunification of Ukraine with Russia.” It was Khrushchev’s noble act on the part of the Russian people. Early in his life Khrushchev worked in the mines of Ukraine, married a Ukrainian woman, and considered Ukraine as one of his native lands.

Yes, this war would be over in 24 hours if they just honoured the Minsk Agreement and let the people of the Donbass region form their own country since Kyiv has outlawed their language, their religion, and their freedom. Let me ask you this: “What would happen if Ottawa outlawed French in Québec?” If Canada did that with the French, there would probably be civil war here as well.

Unfortunately, today, we have this crop of world idiots, puppets of the WEF, who call themselves leaders who are gearing up for global war as a distraction from what they really want to do to us. They need to try to cancel elections, for starters, and they need a really big excuse to cover up the coming financial collapse that can’t be delayed much longer and blame the war and Russia for it – the hidden plot behind the veil of war.

Yes, when all else fails, these idiots will take you to war, and this is being done to hopefully provoke a much wider war(s) that has now started with the Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza but could expand to engulf other regions of the Middle East. They want to start a war with Iran to bring in and weaken Russia. They are trying to spark a confrontation with China over Taiwan. Yes, we can expect the war cycle to heat up, especially from 2025 to 2030. Things can get very ugly and a lot of people are going to die.

Just added: Newsflash (April 5th) – US Secretary of State Blinken says that Ukraine will be joining NATO (but no date in mind). Blinken knows that Ukraine is losing badly. Over 400,000 (some reports say closer to 500,000) Ukrainian troops have been killed or wounded and that’s why Ukraine had to lower the conscription age yesterday to try and bring in more troops. Also, Biden’s approval rating is under 20% so they need a war to keep Biden in office as no president has lost an election during war time.

Watch this year’s time period from May to September for an unexpected black swan event to occur just before the US elections.


The World Economic Form has announced that it is joining forces with the United Nations in a push to seize control of free speech online. The two unelected globalist organizations are moving to position themselves as online regulators of speech. The WEF and the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have developed a “Digital Safety Toolkit” which they are pressuring foreign nation’s governments to adopt. However, the toolkit specifically targets “misinformation” and “disinformation,” for censorship. In other words what they call “disinformation” is actually the truth and they want to censor that. During a World Economic Form panel discussion in January, Harvard Prof. Naomi Oreskes condemned free speech comparing free speech to “fascism” while demanding censorship of the public on social media. The audacity and arrogance of these elites to think that they are far superior to us, we the people. This is why the media is devoted to obscuring the truth calling it “disinformation” and you can witness this most nights on the 6 o’clock news.


As of this writing Trump is at least 20 points ahead of Biden in the polls but expect the Deep State to pull every trick in the book to keep him out of office. Why? If Trump gets back in power, they are all fired. They know they are losing power so, instead of reforming and doing the right thing for the country, they clamped down and think they can retain power by pressing the people even more. Sorry to say but that’s what creates revolution so we can see major civil unrest coming in 2025 because no matter who wins the US election neither side is going to accept it. Because neither side will accept the results of the election it will only produce violence and civil unrest from both sides going into 2025 when the newly elected administration takes office.

European leaders, NATO, and the Neocons are living in sheer terror of a Trump victory, for they know he will do his best to stop the WEF agenda, for he is anti-war, CBDCs, and climate change. If they cannot prevent Trump from taking the White House, I fear they will assassinate him, for there is way too much at stake for these people. These people are so desperate to impose their totalitarian state that they refuse to back off. If they cannot imprison Trump, they will try to assassinate him. If he is elected, I can’t see Trump in office for very long before they truly try to eliminate him. We are approaching what could very well be the darkest days of America with major civil and geopolitical unrest – very chaotic from 2025 to 2030.

I also think there might be a good chance that Biden will not be the Democrat presidential candidate. I’m thinking he might be the fall guy for the illegal immigrants that are pouring into the country through Biden’s open borders policy. The press and media have already exposed Biden’s mental deterioration so I have a feeling that he might be on the way out and they will surprisingly elect someone else at the last minute at the Democrat National Convention in August. If this happens there’s a good chance that Michelle Obama could be the Democrat candidate for president as she checks the party’s key boxes – she was in the White House before when her husband was president, she is black, and she is a woman. (A possible black swan event come August).

Because Biden’s approval rating is so low and he’s so far behind in the polls today that there is also the possibility that he would sign an Executive Order allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote, knowing that most of these voters would vote for him. That’s approximately 18 million new voters and that’s counting all the illegals prior to Biden and all the illegals that have come in since Biden took office. This is another black swan event that could take place just prior to the election.

I personally think that the 2024 presidential election could be the second last election ever held in the United States. With what’s happening and major division within the states, I don’t see any further US presidential elections after the year 2028. By the year 2032 I could see certain states wanting to secede from the union which could possibly lead to major civil unrest and possibly a civil war.

Could the Biden Administration’s open borders policy of the US be the catalyst for the next civil war? It certainly is causing major division within the US. Biden’s current open border policy is a deliberate invasion of America. A country without borders is no longer a country. Biden’s illegals total more than the population of 33 individual states. If current trends continue, the total foreign-born share of the US population will reach roughly 60 million by the end of 2028 according to the US Centre for Immigration (CIS). This enormous scale of immigration has implications for nearly every aspect of American society.

The year 2023 marked the first time in modern US history that the number of immigrants far outpaced the number of births in America. The demographics of America has been permanently altered and people are continuing to pile into the country. The Democrats admitted the open border policy was a deliberate attempt to flood the nation with people who would vote for the Democrats and their socialistic policies, but most were utterly clueless regarding the resources required to carry out their failed scheme. Now, their Sanctuary cities and states are in ruin: they have run out of resources. The far left told migrants to come to America where the American dream would await them except now the migrants are finding out that the American dream of the 1950s is dead. These young able-bodied migrants today are unable to find work and expect the taxpaying citizens of this nation to pay for their new lives. Yes, I could see a type of separation or civil war between the Republican states and the Democrat states – the South and Midwest Republican states vs the East Coast and West Coast Democrat states.

People need to understand that the US is the last sort of stronghold, the last bastion of democracy in the West, standing between WEF and their dream of this New World Order. Their agenda is to control the world. The WEF have been working for half a century to put this in place, so it is quite deliberate, and is not an accident as the plan is in the process of unfolding now before your very eyes for everyone to see. This is not simple greed. It is “hybrid war,” and the US is being attacked in ways we have never seen before mainly from within by their own institutions that are pro the WEF agenda. What we are also seeing is the WEF, UN, WHO, along with globalists, central bankers, and other institutions trying to take down the powerful United States. They already have Europe in their pockets. Yes, they are trying to collapse everything and default on all debt wanting to crash the whole monetary system with the hopes of building back better using WEF Socialist/Marxist policies. Yes, we are in a “hybrid war” and there is going to be big disruptions and major social unrest coming to the US after the next presidential election in November. I expect by 2032 China will have completely overtaken the US and be the financial capital of the world.

( The real catalyst to chaos is going to be the 2024 Election in November. It’s really hard to try to predict things when a lot depends on what happens with who wins the 2024 US elections, and I’ll leave it at that for now.)


The WEF Agenda: Abolition of private property and personal privacy, elimination of fossil fuels – oil and gas, a global transition from animal protein to an insect-based food system where corporations replace farming, and you will own nothing and be happy. They want to bring about a renter-based economy where you don’t own your own home, car, etc. It’s a pay wall around your entire life.

They put on this façade (under the umbrella) of trying to protect the planet (Zero CO2) when really, it’s all about the global elites controlling everything; making them the master’s and making us, we the people, their serfs with no say or very limited freedom. They will make it sound like it’s all for our good and that they are doing this to protect and preserve the environment and the planet but don’t fall for this lie.

They make it sound so very appealing to the masses. Who could be against protecting the planet?”  I don’t think no one wants to kill the planet, or to hurt the planet in any way, and that is why they make it such an appealing mission UNLESS you have the facts. The facts are that their agenda is not about saving the planet. Whether it is the electric vehicle, or the lab grown meats because both electric vehicles and lab grown meats are much more carbon intensive than their natural equivalent. Just ask the farmers. No one knows more about how to be sustainable than farmers and yet they want to put the family-owned farms out of business and use the more carbon intensive type farming practices – they want to control your food source and you so that you’re totally dependent on them. If you scrutinize the WEF and these global elites, you can see their hypocrisy for example their use of private jets. They don’t have to fly around the world in private jets polluting the atmosphere, they can use commercial airlines like everyone else or use Zoom, or Skype like they force the rest of us to do.

Now, this isn’t to say that we, as citizens of the world, shouldn’t try to be good stewards of the planet. I believe environmentally friendly nuclear energy, which is safe and more reliable than wind and solar, is a great way to wean off society off our reliance on fossil fuels as these fuels will eventually diminish. The globalist climate activists, however, oppose nuclear energy, further undermining their supposedly good intentions. So, we can draw this conclusion: The climate coalition’s goals are anti-human.

People generally need meat, fish, dairy, rice, and the protein it provides to flourish. Banning these food sources and restricting calories will genetically alter the human body, impoverishing the masses and this will hurt the planet and its people. More likely than not, it will do more than hurt people – it will starve and kill many throughout Asia where rice is the main food source. But then again this is the WEF’s agenda which is to reduce the world’s population by 86%. Why? Because they want to rule the world and make us their serfs These elitists are not only criminal and inhumane they are evil, and this is why the WEF agenda is the world’s greatest threat to humanity.

People of the world need to wake up and see what’s really happening and what the World Economic Form agenda is that is being promoted by the media, governments, institutions, and corporations. It is not in the best interest of humanity, only the interest of the global elites, who want to control you and rule over you – the slippery slope towards tyranny and totalitarian rule over the peoples of the world.

I have now informed you of this organization called the World Economic Form and what their intentions and agenda are for world governance. What you do with this information is totally up to you. I’ve been on top of this for years and watching it unfold. This is very serious stuff and people need to pay attention to what’s really taking place in the world today. Why? People need to be prepared because it will affect you and your family in one way or the other in the coming years ahead.

Will the World Economic Form, the United Nations and the World Health Organization be able to implement their totalitarian agenda on the world’s population? They are going to try but as you and I know not everything goes 100% as to plans. There’s going to be a reaction (wars, protests, and rebellion) from the population so no it’s not going to go all their way as they have planned. But after having said that I do believe this is where we’re ultimately headed – towards a New World Order and eventually a tyrannical one world government.

I don’t see how we can stop it. We all know that Central Bank Digital Currencies are only a matter of years away along with individual digital IDs being connected to them. We all know a cashless system is coming and it probably will be chaotic for a while till everything gets sorted out. But eventually when there is no longer cash you no longer have any options, they’ve got you in their system and there is no going back. What are you going to do? You’re going to be totally dependent on who’s pressing the electronic buttons. You’ll either have to comply or you will be locked out of society. They will control every aspect of your life; what you think, where you go, what holidays you can take, what you can buy or sell, etc. and it will be based on your social credit score as to what you would be allowed to do or not do.

Timing? I studied and watched this closely over a number of years and this is my opinion: I believe that within the next 8 to 12 years we will see the beginning of this “One World Government.” Timing depends on who wins the US election in November. If Trump wins it will probably take longer maybe in 12 years or so. Anyways, we are on the road to totalitarian government and authoritarian rule and that I have no doubt about.

We are living in unprecedented times so please make a copy of this posting, file it away, and review it after four or five years.

Take care everyone,



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