Weekly Devotional 10-15-18 Jesus Message to the Universal Church

Weekly Devotional 10-15-18 Jesus Message to the Universal Church

As we approach a study of the Book of Revelation, we first read a message issued by Jesus Christ that was to be read by seven churches scattered in the lower part of Asia Minor of John’s day. Although there was a specific message directed to each of the seven churches, all seven would have read or listened to a recital of the entire message. (This document would have been in scroll form, and as it was unrolled the message would have been open to all readers). Five of the seven churches were admonished by Jesus for the way they were conducting themselves, but He also praised them for the things they were doing that glorified Him. Two of the seven received no admonishment, only praise. (See Revelation chapters two and three). The message, however, was not limited to these seven churches, but intended for the entire church (the then worldwide church, the church through these many centuries, and the church of our day).

The glorified Jesus knew that many centuries would lie ahead before His return to reclaim the earth and establish His kingdom. The church was and is to be His witness to the rest of humanity. For it to be an effectual witness it needed to address the many issues addressed in the message passed through the original seven churches. This brings us to our day. If we are to be an effectual witness we must return to our first love for Jesus, the love we had for Him when we first understood His love for us. We must maintain moral and spiritual purity. We must not give license to false teachers. Additionally, we must have a zeal for Jesus that puts Him at the center of all our activities.

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