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Escalation of the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Look for the Ukraine/Russia Conflict to Escalate

A lot of times today with mainstream media you’re only getting one side of the story because of the global elitists agenda and what they want you to hear and what they’re trying to push. As you know every coin has two sides and so every story has two sides but, in most cases, you’re only hearing what they want you to hear.

Last August (2022) I wrote about the Russian/Ukraine conflict  –  “The West In Disarray and  “A World Economically Divided With Two Opposing Systems.” To get a better understanding let’s first go to what I’ve written previously on the subject and then after going into today’s current article that I have just written regarding the “Escalation of the War.”


The West is in disarray, and it does not have a clear direction in where to go or what to do. Western leaders are not taking this conflict in Europe seriously. When Rome was burning some 2000 years ago the Senators were discussing if angels were male or female. It’s the same situation we have here today. With the possible escalation of war in Europe and the possibility of nuclear confrontation just look at what politicians are discussing in Washington today – “What is a woman” or “What kind of sign do you have to put up in a public restroom.” Unbelievable! How does that logic compare to the real possibility of nuclear war? This nuclear threat is real when you have nuclear nations involved. Seriously, we could be on the verge of a major confrontation the longer this conflict continues, and no one is taking this seriously.

There are no peacemakers around. No talk of peace anywhere and the only thing you hear from our political leaders are them beating on war drums. So, the only outcome can be more skirmishes and a further escalation of the conflict. With billions of dollars of weapons sent to Europe and rockets and bombs flying back and forth the calculation for error is there – an accident just waiting to happen that will further escalate the conflict. What is needed is peace. What is needed is to have politicians with guts and courage that can bring both parties to the table to negotiate a settlement and not to further escalate the dangerous current situation.

I have no pleasure in bringing you such grim news, but I can’t sugar-coat things and I have to call it the way I see it. The possibility of this war in Europe escalating is very high because six months into this conflict we see no desire or interest from any government even trying to bring negotiating parties to the table to try and find a settlement. This seems to me as if governments of the world don’t seem to care and this is very dangerous, and they need to take this war seriously. We are dealing with the nation Russia who have the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet and if we back them into a corner with no other option but to use their nuclear arsenal what do you think is going to happen. These politicians are just playing games thinking and hoping that this will all be conventional and not nuclear but when you back an enemy into a corner with no other option, they will use the (nuclear) weapons that they possess. If this were to happen it would be game over for all the major cities of Europe because they would be wiped out in a matter of an hour or less. The same goes with North American cities because the US would also be involved. Not only that but China would not sit idly by but align with her ally Russia and to add more fuel to the fire just recently (Aug.10) North Korea asked to join the war volunteering 100,000 soldiers to fight alongside Russia.

Can you see where this can lead to more war very fast? Yes, we need world leaders with fortitude and diplomacy that can step up to the plate and bring all parties to the negotiating table to work on some kind of peace arrangement. This is what we need to see very soon before things really do get out of hand, and we are not seeing any leaders stepping up to the plate to diffuse this dangerous situation so the possibility for further escalation of the war in Europe is very real. This is something that I wanted to draw to your attention because you’re not hearing this from the press or news media. You need to be prepared as this economic tsunami, economic meltdown, is heading directly towards us. (In a future post I will discuss things we could do to prepare ourselves for this coming Financial Crisis).


What we have seen and witnessed this year is that the sanctions against Russia have divided the world and ended the global economy. The actions imposed on Russia confiscating private assets have not just violated international law but has divided the world economically and put an end to globalization. The Western foundation of ethics and economy as we have known it has come to an end. The powers that be are pushing the world into a serious geopolitical confrontation that will not end nicely and this has created a dangerous situation. This does not speak well for what we face in 2023 and the years beyond.

Because of the conflict in Europe and the actions that were taken we now have a world that is divided into two competing financial systems. We now have China (and Russia) setting up a separate system away from SWIFT by setting up their own system as an alternative for international transactions called CHIP. You have the United States, Europe, and most of the rest of the world for now on the SWIFT system. You will have very shortly the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) on the CHIP system with many other countries lining up to join them such as Saudi Arabia and Mexico.  (Update – As of July 2023, there are now 41 countries that have applied for membership in joining BRICS)

The BRICS countries are challenging the US dollar global reserve status. It shouldn’t be any surprise to those paying attention that Russia and China are strengthening their economic ties. What may surprise some people is that these countries are officially working on their own “new global reserve currency.” They want to back their reserve currency with hard assets such as gold and maybe some other commodities such as oil and gas. This could arguably be called the biggest shift on the global macroeconomic playing field over the last half-century since the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971, when Nixon took the US off the gold standard. There is definitely a coordinated global challenge to replace the US dollar as the reserve currency and this should be very big news but it’s not being reported on. Over the years both Russia and China were buying up most of the gold on the free market in anticipation of this as both countries have been working on, and preparing for, this situation for years. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and unfolds over the next few years.

> Now let’s continue with today’s current posting…

Look for the Ukraine/Russia Conflict to Escalate

The risk of this war escalating is extremely high. Despite all the propaganda, Ukraine has lost its offensive. This may be bringing this war to the point that the West needs to create a false flag to justify getting involved directly. I am concerned that NATO and the US need to do something to get involved somehow, or Ukraine is finished. Just a few weeks ago we read that the White House decided to approve another $800 million weapons package for Ukraine, including cluster munitions. These weapons are banned in more than 120 countries and the Biden administration previously called these bombs a “war crime and only bad guys used them” and now they are going to be sending these “war crime bombs” to the Ukraine.

You can see where this all is going. What do you think Russia’s response is going to be? With irresponsible and pathetic world leaders like we have today, war can’t help but escalate. I thought that the neocons in Washington would try to start a war before the next presidential election maybe sometimes in the summer of 2024 or early fall. Why? So that Biden could win the presidential election in 2024 because no president has ever lost an election during a time of war. Because Ukraine is losing badly it looks like NATO and the US will have to get involved directly by creating some kind of false flag and blaming Russia and this could happen soon, maybe as early as this summer or fall. You must remember that this is not a war between Ukraine and Russia, but that it is a war between NATO and Russia led by the US.

What this pathetic crop of world leaders need to understand is this one thing and that is that Russia is like a wild animal, and if it is cornered, it will attack and use the weapons they possess. Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet, and this means that the whole thing in Ukraine could go nuclear if Russia is pushed into a corner. Russia possesses hypersonic weapons with a super fast delivery system that is much more sophisticated and advanced than the US. The US is no match for the latest Russian missiles and that’s a fact. London or Paris could be nuked in a matter of minutes. The US in 30 minutes.

Yes, I’m afraid it is starting to look more and more like things are going to start to get ugly as this war escalates because Ukraine’s offensive has failed. This is why you see Poland and Canada sending in more armaments, US sending in F-16 fighter jets, Germany sending in their super Leopold tanks and just recently the US sending in their “war crime bombs” – their cluster bombs. The war is not going well for Ukraine as it has been reported that they have lost around 200,000 men. Even the president of the European Union had it slip out that over 100,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed. Listening to the Western press you’ll never know this because they will not report it. NATO and the United States are constantly putting out propaganda that Russia is losing, they are weak, and hence they can be destroyed while they tell China please wait your turn, when we are finished with Russia then we will turn on you.

The prevailing wisdom (promoted by media) about the war’s origins is that Putin launched an unprovoked attack on February 24, 2022, which was motivated by his grand plan to create a greater Russia. Ukraine, it is said was the first country he intended to conquer and annex, but not the last. People need (to open their eyes and) to understand that there is no evidence to support this line of argument, and indeed there is considerable evidence that directly contradicts it. It is often forgotten that numerous American and European policymakers and strategists opposed NATO expansion from the start because they understood that the Russians would see it as a threat, and that the policy would eventually lead to disaster – which it has.

All this nonsense that Putin wants to restore the USSR is a complete lie, or that he wants to expand territory in Europe is a complete lie fabricated by the West’s agenda to destroy Russia and then go after China. Yes, Putin did invade Ukraine, but he went into Ukraine to protect the Donbass region, the Russian speaking territory in the Ukraine. It was a civil war that the West started in 2014 and there is plenty of evidence on that.  If President Putin really wanted to take all of Ukraine, he could have done it easily. Look, the first thing you do in war is that you take out the communications grid, the transportation grid, the power supply, and the water supply and Putin did none of this. Had his intentions been to conquer Ukraine he could’ve done this in a couple of weeks. That’s what the US did in Iraq. You just simply shut down the country and Putin did not do that in Ukraine. Putin has repeatedly declared that the Russian aim is linked to evicting Ukrainian forces from the Donbass region, not to conquering Ukraine. The Donbass region of Ukraine is ethnically Russian (90%) going back for centuries. Going back to the time of the Czars. It was then Russian Premier Khrushchev in 1954 that gave the Donbass region along with Crimea to Ukraine for administration and political purposes while they were still the USSR. So, the Western Press, saying Putin wants to conquer Ukraine is a total lie.

Something else that readers may not know and that is Ukraine was NEVER a sovereign country till 1991, with the breakup of the Soviet Union. My grandparents on mom’s side came from the Ukraine region and mom always told us kids that gramma came from Austria because that is what her mom told her. Why? Mom didn’t know but Ukraine was under the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at that time. For a better part of one thousand years Ukraine was under Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Austria-Hungary rule and finally won their independence in 1991. So, when the Soviet Union broke up, they just claimed whatever the border was and said it was theirs. Kiev sits on the river Dnieper, but basically the area east of the river was always Russian going back to the time of the Czars (18th-19th century). That was the Russian Empire. So, it shouldn’t be a mystery that there is primarily Russians that live there. It really amounts to Ukraine doing a land grab in a way after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991.

What we see unfolding in Europe is the US and NATO proxy war against Russia. Everybody knows that NATO needs war to keep their own funding going. With the breakup of the USSR, NATO needs a reason to be relevant. NATO was started to protect Europe from a communist invasion after World War ll. After the fall of the USSR, NATO is no longer needed. Russia has no intention in conquering Europe, but NATO needs a war or threat of war to keep them in business. Without a conflict there is no need for NATO.

The US has been heavily arming and funding Ukraine forces since 2014 when the US government spent $5 billion in backing the overthrow of then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych with the goal of expanding NATO and weakening Russia. The US objective was for NATO countries to encircle Russia in the Black Sea region. NATO enlargement to include Ukraine crosses a Russian red line. Yes, America has a red line and so does Russia. What applies to American border security should apply to Russian border security – they are after all both nuclear superpowers. They both deserve some respect regarding their borders. Remember the Cuban crisis in the early 60’s that became a nuclear standoff when Russia put nuclear weapons on America’s borders in Cuba. This is no different. Russia was only asking the same thing – zone free from NATO nukes in Ukraine. Look, at the breakup of the USSR, the US and NATO pledged Russia they would not expand into former USSR states. So, what happened? NATO and the US broke this agreement 16 times by expanding NATO into former USSR states bordering Russia. Crazy thing is that we (the West) are the aggressor!

Just before Russia invades to protect the Donbass region, Zelensky publicly stated that Ukraine is going to nuclear arm itself against Russia. Then a week prior to this US VP Kamala Harris flies to Ukraine and tells Zelensky he should join NATO. With this type of provocation coming from Ukraine and from the US is why Russia was forced to act to protect the Russian people living in the Donbass region and in Crimea.

It was very provocative for the German defense Minister to say that “We are at war with Russia.” She was simply acknowledging the truth, that the West has tried to deny. You see, the West position is: “No, we are not at war, we’re just trying to help poor democratic Ukraine.” Well, the German Minister admitted that the West is at war with Russia, and this comes on top of the former German Chancellor Merkel admission that Germany, France, Ukraine and Washington used the Minsk agreement for eight years to deceive the Russians while they, the West, built up the Ukrainian military and army to fight this proxy war for the US and NATO. This war in Ukraine was planned years and decades in advance.

So, when you have these types of confessions made publicly. It must have some effect on the way the Russians perceive the situation. And sooner or later the Russians are going to have to stop these provocations. They’re going to have to do something to show the West that they are a serious formable foe militarily. Readers must understand this is not an invasion of the Ukraine, but a small part of Ukraine known as the Donbass which is over 90% Russian speaking.

Readers should also understand that there are hard-liners in Russia who are unhappy with Putin and his soft gloves approach to the Ukraine and argue inside Russia that they need to wipe out Ukraine with a tactical nuclear weapon and demonstrate to the world where the Western leaders are taking the entire planet.

Now that the West is so involved, we can see things getting more and more dangerous. The West is pouring in more and more armaments into Ukraine – long-range missiles, F-16s, cluster bombs. It’s a provocation that the West introduces to this conflict. Each one worse, more reckless, that will lead to some kind of nuclear response from Russia eventually. The war just keeps going on and more and more chances of the West doing more provocative things; sending more dangerous weapons to Ukraine which will likely produce some decisive action from the Kremlin. It’s a path to nuclear confrontation.

Now, the fact that there is no awareness of this, it’s not mentioned in the media, and not mentioned in foreign policy discussions either. No one in Washington, NATO or European leaders are even discussing peace. Seems no one wants peace, and this is why this is such a dangerous situation. No one talking peace when nuclear confrontation is on the doorstep. No one in the West is even acknowledging the danger this can be to the world. It should be obvious to world leaders that this is a very dangerous situation that the world is in yet there is this lack of realism concerning a nuclear war. So here we are, this is how stupid today’s crop of world leaders are. Here we are facing nuclear confrontation and peace is not even in discussion. You can’t tell how this is going to play out because you can’t tell what crazy things these world leaders and governments are going to do. Looking back, I remember all through the 20th century Cold War the US government and those of NATO countries worked with the Soviet government to defuse tensions and to slow down and to halt the nuclear arms race. Today these former accomplishments, which reduced tensions and the likelihood of nuclear war, are abandoned. Washington’s insanity of unleashing war has brought NATO to Russia’s border.

This is madness and can only lead to major escalation of the conflict coming soon and certainly before the 2024 presidential elections. After the presidential elections in the United States and going into 2025-2029, the confrontation will only get uglier as we can see international war involving other countries on the horizon (possibly China and Taiwan and others), major civil unrest worldwide, central-bank digital currencies being introduced and the coming economic meltdown. Undoubtedly, this entire scheme of digital currencies will be the death of Western civilization. They are already stripping us of our freedom of speech. Central-bank digital currencies will be imperative for the elites to oppress all freedom in hopes that they can establish this new world order, this new totalitarian world state – this one world government where they control everything, and we become their slaves.

We are in a time and an era where the world has never been before, and trying to predict what exactly is going to happen; well, I don’t think anyone is smart enough to do that.


It happened following the Great Depression and it’s the same thing that’s going to happen now with the coming financial and economic meltdown – they manufacture a war. Why? Because it covers up all the things that have gone wrong since 1971 (Bretton Woods agreement) when the US came off the gold standard and countries were able to print money without any accountability or any intent of ever repaying the debt. So, this war takes countries and their governments and the central banks off the hook. Economically, the world is a mess, all countries are bankrupt and all they can do is keep printing money. They have kicked the can down the road for far too long. They can’t continue to fund the government if there are no longer buyers for the debt and this what is happening on a global scale. So, war checks out all the boxes, absolutely.

One of the reasons behind the war is that the global elites, bankers, and governments intend to default on all sovereign debt. So, at the end of the day, this is what the whole digital currency is all about. They are using war and they are already planning for this new Bretton Woods ll agreement – default on all the debt and then start over again. That’s why you hear so many politicians and government leaders talking about “Building Back Better.” If you think about it, you have to tear everything down to start building it back better and this is what they’re doing to the world economy today. This is why Klaus Schwab (World Economic Form) is out there saying “You will own nothing and be happy.”  He is trying to make it sound like they (the global elites) are doing this for you but they’re doing it for themselves to control everything. They are going to default on all debt. This is going to wipe out everything. Pension funds will be gone and that’s why they’re coming out with a Guaranteed Basic Income to replace your pension. They got this all planned and worked out and that is what their end goal is.

Technology has opened the elitists minds to envision a whole new era of totalitarianism. The International Monetary Fund has basically come out and prepared its digital currency to replace the dollar. This is where we are going. They think they can create this complete authoritarian world and we, the workers, are all going to be their slaves. This is all taking place so they can justify their sovereign defaults and create a new world order with Bretton Woods ll and this time the IMF will be handed the reserve currency using block chain technology to ensure we surrender all our privacy and rights into the future. They want total and complete control of everything you can and cannot do – what you can buy or sell, how you live your lives, the places you go and the things you do. Yes, controlling your lives completely by taking away your rights and freedom. You will be put on a social credit score and graded accordingly to their whims and wishes.

An agent of the World Economic Form (WEF) has gloated that one of the “benefits” of “digital cash” is that governments can control what citizens can and cannot pay for. We are at peak stupidity. It’s the end of the American Empire and these idiots are trying to justify their existence and there is no limit to the stupidity they are going to make people go through in the next 6 to 10 years. We are on the verge of a collapse, but we don’t know when. Manufacturing in the US is around 12% and shuffling paper in the US is like 35% of the economy. The day of reckoning is coming, and I have no doubt about that. These global elites and pathetic world leaders are what you get at the end of an Empire.


What does it mean for you and me besides the threat of nuclear war. War is the number one cause of inflation so you can expect inflation to go up. You can expect interest rates to go up. You can expect scarcities and higher food prices and you can also expect gas prices to shoot up.

So, more war means more inflation and higher interest rates. When did US Fed Chairman Powell start raising interest rates? When the Ukraine war started. He knows that the number one factor in creating inflation is war. The amount of money being completely dumped down the drain with Ukraine is insane. Besides the guns and weapons, the US is funding the entire Ukrainian government, all their salaries and their pensions.

With this war escalating I can see gas prices doubling from where they are now to $130 – $150 a barrel before the end of 2024. Gas at the pumps probably double what they are today as well. Where I live in British Columbia the price per litre is approximately $1.80- $1.90 and if we double that were looking at approximately $3.70 a litre at the gas pump. According to Basic Info the retail gas price in the United States is at a current level of around $3.70 a gallon and if we double that we are looking at approximately $7.40 a gallon before the end of 2024. That will surely add to the inflation rate going forward.

In closing, I just want to say this: I don’t like being Mr. Gloom & Doom – I spend a lot of time studying and reading and I don’t like predicting gloom and doom, but with the current crop of pathetic world leaders I cannot come to any other conclusion. We are going to have an escalation of the confrontation in Ukraine that will go on for years and get more intense and progressively worse which will lead eventually to more international wars, worldwide civil unrest, a worldwide economic meltdown, totalitarian governments and a further loss of your freedom and rights.

The financial clouds are gathering in the far distance, and you can see them slowly coming towards us but there is nothing you can do to stop it. This is going to affect everyone, and you won’t be able to hide away from it. People need a wake-up call. You need to be prepared. In the next 6 to 10 years, it’s going to be a volatile ride and you need to start preparing to protect yourselves and your families from the economic hard times that are on the horizon and heading our way.


PS…… We are living in unprecedented times so please make a copy of this posting

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