The Bible Vindicates its Divine Authorship

The Bible Vindicates its Divine Authorship

The Bible vindicates its divine authorship through fulfilled prophecies. According to scholars some 2000 prophecies have been fulfilled including some 300 on Christ Jesus alone in regards to His birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection. An honest study of Bible prophecy will compellingly show the divine authorship of the Bible. If indeed it is the Word of the living God, then no other book gives us more insight into our lives, our condition or more hope for our future, and a true path to an intimate relationship with God. People should search the Bible with openness and honesty and see for themselves what the Creator of the universe wants to tell you.

Unfortunately, most criticism of the Bible comes from those who have never read the Bible or have just glanced at it or have just listened to what others had to say but have never studied it for themselves. If a person wants to be skeptical, they should at least go about it honestly. They should take the Bible and study the book of John in the New Testament and ask God to reveal Himself to them as they read His Word. I think they might be surprised at the results, in fact, God challenges us to seek and search for Him with an honest and open heart. He promises the searcher that He will reveal Himself to him through the reading of His Word. His unchanging living Word is the greatest evidence of all.

Oscar Leske,
F/B – Signs Of Our Times

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