Weekly Devotional 1-10-22 Five Evidence’s of God’s Existen ce

Weekly Devotional   1-10-22   Five Evidence’s of God’s Existence

All persons with the ability to reason have some awareness of God. That is, they have an inward conviction that there is an entity to whom they owe their being. Many respond positively to that conviction but there are others who try to suppress said conviction and fight against it. They argue within themselves, and to others that there is no God, but it is an argument that they cannot defend. Ask the denier to prove there is no God and he cannot. They counter, yes, I cannot prove that there is no God, but you cannot prove that there is. That is a dangerous position to hold for if God exist and man owes his being to Him then man is subject Him.

Denying that God exist is a willful exercise because He has not left Himself without evidence. He speaks to man in a variety of ways, at least five. First every person is endowed with a spirit which gives him a God awareness (Genesis 2:7; Hebrews 4:12). Second, He has given man the deduction of reason, a conclusion arrived at by a process of generalization (Romans 1:19-20). Third, the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, was sent by Him to convict man of his sin (John 16:7-11). Fourth, there is the testimony of Israel’s continued existence. What other nation exists today that was divided by civil war, taken into Assyrian and Babylonian captivity, dispossessed of its Land by those entities for seventy years and even after they were allowed to return to their Land, they were subject to various Gentile governances. They suffered the atrocities of the second world war in which six million of them were murdered by Hitler, yet they retained their identity and in 1948 they regained their Land being recognized as a sovereign nation. Since that time she has been attacked by several enemies who have sought to annihilate her but has defeated them all. When considered there is no explanation for these things other than divine intervention.

Finally, God has given and continues to give testimony of His reality through the church. Jesus told His disciples that He would build His church (Matthew 16:18) and brought it to pass by the power of the Holy Spirit approximately two thousand years ago (Acts 2). Jesus said that not even the gates of Hell would prevail against it; and it has not. Satan and unregenerate man attempted to destroy Jesus by murdering Him, but He rose from the dead and now by His Spirit dwells in-the-midst of the church. Since the church began, Satan and unregenerate men have tried to destroy it, but they have failed and will continue to fail until such time that the Lord catches it up to be with Him in heaven.

Whoever considers these five evidence’s with a seeking mind and heart will not be disappointed!




Transforming Power; the Work of God on Behalf of Man








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