Exposing The World Economic Forum As The Greatest Threat To Humanity


This is serious stuff and I want to inform you and warn you about this organization that is trying to take over the world and you need to pay close attention because their policies will affect your life, the life of your children and grandchildren. The global elites are serious about their intentions to bring about a New World Order and a one world government making we the people their serfs.

Now, who is the World Economic Form (WEF)? Who are these unelected global elites, and who made them God? Well, it’s a privately owned corporation with thousands of members of CEOs from the world’s major corporations, government leaders and officials, big tech leaders, to billionaires, etc. You have to buy your way in to be a member in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their primary goal is a New World Order – a one world government where they control everything, every aspect of your life, and we the people will be their working serfs and have nothing (WEF Motto 2030: You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy).

The WEF was founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971. The Forum engages in political and cultural issues in order to reshape society. The WEF believes that the concept of independent nations is obsolete, and must be replaced with a global government, which controls all. The WEF is a fundamentally anti-democratic organization with globalist views. It is an anti-capitalist, anti-free market group which attempts to subvert Western values and political processes. It is a driving global force designed to achieve a new economic model, which Schwab refers to as “stakeholder capitalism.”  He does not deny that the current capitalist shareholder model (where the corporation is answerable to the shareholders) has been successful and that it has boosted the world economy, moved billions of people out of poverty, and raised living standards. He argues however, that this model must change to better serve the public. His concept, in effect, is fundamentally undemocratic since it will result in the control of society by a handful of players, such as world leaders, economists, health and environmental experts. They believe they have the knowledge and authority to control the world’s economy and societal norms in the public’s interest but really, it’s for their own interest – making themselves the self-appointed guardians of the world.

You can’t vote them out because it’s a private institution, a private club, but one has to admit that it really is the world’s most dense gathering of VIPs, and no one can deny that. They meet each January in Davos, Switzerland. They don’t hide their agenda as you can go to their website and see everything that I’m talking about here. A lot of stuff does go on behind the scenes at their gatherings in Davos which is not on the record. In other words, it’s a sort of record of lobbying governments, corporations, institutions, and VIPs. These people who have no democratic standing, yet they want to be rulers of mankind. Klaus, himself, said the other day that AI (artificial intelligence) could do away with elections. He said, “Why do we need elections when artificial intelligence can tell us the solutions.” They have what I consider evil people like Yuval Noah Harare, Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man and senior advisor, who openly talks about people being useless. Last year he declared that We just don’t need the vast majority of the population in today’s world. Their real hidden agenda is a call for an 86% global reduction in population numbers to ensure the global elites can have freedom and a high standard of living by placing a one billion cap on the number of humans on earth. In other words, they (WEF) want to play God – who is to live and who is to die.

With the help of their propaganda and censorship machine the global elites’ allies, the media and big tech – they have to create a major crisis (such as climate change, Covid 19, etc.) so we will give up our freedoms to bring in this one world government – more or less a one world dictatorship in the hands of some select global elites. People don’t know that they are being deceived and lied to – no discussion, no debates, no conversation, it’s their way or the highway. In fact, they have the press and media in their pockets. You’re only going to hear what they want you to hear and what they want you to see – their narrative – their agenda. Global elites owning the press means we have no true democracy. This is why these idiot elites can get away with everything as no one is making them accountable; not questioning them or their motives. The press is silent and gives them a free pass. The population is being lied to and kept in the dark and are not aware of what’s really happening as none of this will be reported in the press or seen on your 6 o’clock news.

The free press was what kept government in check and accountable to its citizens and now that’s gone. You’re not hearing or seeing two sides of the story – no debate, no conversation only a one-sided view to promote their agenda or/narrative. No, this is not a conspiracy theory because you can go to their website and see everything here that I’m talking about as they are very open about what their plans are for humanity and their push for the New World Order – their idea of a one world government. Most people have no idea of what the motives and intentions are of the World Economic Form and what they are up to and that is why I’m bringing it up to your attention now so you can at least prepare yourself, because in five years from now it will be very obvious to most people. Remember the Boy Scouts motto “Always Be Prepared.”



Since 1971, Klaus Schwab has grown his organization into arguably the most powerful entity on the planet. Yet most of the world’s population has never heard of Schwab or the WEF, despite the groups influence over global nations elected leaders. The World Economic Forum’s founder and sole chairman is a man of mystery. Despite Schwab openly gloating that he has world leaders in his pocket, or that he instructs presidents and prime ministers on his agenda for their countries, very little is known about him. Could this be because any negative press about Schwab and his agenda is often swept away by his allies in Big Tech and the Media and labelled “conspiracy theories.”

The collective market of just 25 members (out of over 2000) is well over $10 trillion. It’s an unfathomable sum. If you were to add all of the members it would be well over $25 trillion in terms of the financial might of the WEF. That’s higher than the GDP of the United States and China combined. Yes, this is a very powerful entity. So, what happens at the Davos meetings will affect the world; these people see themselves like the self-appointed and unelected monitors of the globe. They are the ones that put out a report saying that cows are bad for the environment and next thing you know countries around the world are trying to ban cattle. At their annual get-together a speaker will get up and talk on why we should ban gas powered vehicles by 2035 and before you know it governments are putting through legislation to ban gas vehicles by 2035 without consulting people or having debates or discussions on the subject – it’s their way or the highway and you have no say. Coming out of the WEF is this kind of petri dish of tyrannical policies. They always quote it in nice words like sustainable, green, and climate friendly but when the policies are put in place it leads to authoritarian rule – to less freedom and less control of your own life.

It’s like this: Bill Gates dreams up some draconian policies and everybody goes to Davos to get on the same page as Gates. It’s more of bringing everybody together, synchronizing their strategies, and making sure they all have the right talking points to promote their ideas and policies for governments of the world to implement.

Bill Gates and other billionaire “Controligarches” are surely the oligarchs who want to control your life. These global elites use the powers of government and their relationship with governments much like oligarchs in other countries around the globe to seize control over key industries whether it’s in food, finance, healthcare, energy, or the informing media industry where you have seen them use censorship, shadow banning, and de-platforming people from media platforms that disagrees with them and their WEF agenda. With this direction of censored information, Klaus Schwab (WEF) calls it the digitalization of everything. That was one of his pillars of his Great Reset agenda. We’re headed for some very scary times ahead and really in a number of ways we are already there. Look, you need to be prepared for the coming economic meltdown.


In 1993, Schwab founded the Forum of Young Global Leaders. It is a non-profit organization managed from Geneva, Switzerland, which tries to identify young people in both business and politics worldwide, who, it hopes, will be placed in top roles in future governments and institutions. Schwab described this process as penetrating the cabinet,” by taking over governments.

For example, Justin Trudeau’s Deputy PM and finance minister, Chrystia Freeland, is on the Board of Directors of the World Economic Form. How is that not even a conflict of interest? Then you have the WEF’s Young World Leaders personally trained by Klaus and his organization to infiltrate governments of the world in which he so proudly brags about on his video interviews as having his tentacles reaching into the governments of the world.

Some key political figures that have gone through Schwab’s Young Leaders’ program are: Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada; Canadian NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh; President Emanuel Macron of France; Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the UK; Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany; Jacinda Arden, former Prime Minister of New Zealand; Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland; Greg Hunt, Australian Minister for Health; Gavin Newsom, Gov. of California and the list goes on and on with many more that are in government positions throughout the globe.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is another WEF Young Global Leader, along with PayPal’s Peter Scheid, Ted Hurley of YouTube, founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, and the president of the Rockefeller Foundation along with many others. You can go to their website and see their names and photos listed there. Yes, Klaus Schwab’s tentacles and influence reach out to governments, corporations, international institutions (UN, WHO, IMF), and the VIPs of the world.


Whenever political elites are confronted with ideas or concepts that contradict or oppose their narrative, they quickly try to dismiss the idea by calling it a “conspiracy theory.” This is done to discredit the idea in order to prevent it from gaining public support. This strategy was used in regard to the possibility that the World Economic Form has influenced some high-profile Canadian politicians. On the evidence, there is no longer any doubt, this is a fact.

In a video discussion, held on September 20, 2017 at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Schwab mentioned Canada as an example of how the WEF had penetrated cabinets. He said: What we are very proud of now is the younger generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau… and so on. We penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actual WEF Young Global Leaders.” I don’t know if that’s an exaggeration or not but what I do know is that NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh was also a Young Global Leader. This may explain why he is so willing to make a deal with Prime Minister Trudeau to back him in Parliament until 2025: they share a common vision of the world through their affiliation with the World Economic Form.

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, and Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM and Finance Minister are trustees on the WEF Board. The Board, WEF’s highest level governance body, is responsible for advancing the objectives of the WEF and acts as guardian of its mission and values. How could this not be a conflict of interest? Where will her interests lie. From what I have seen over these past few years I would have to say she is not acting in the best interest of Canada but pursuing the policies of the World Economic Form.

Chrystia Freeland was in lockstep with the WEF during the trucker’s protest, when she shut down the corporate and personal bank accounts of truckers and donors, completely indifferent to the harm this caused them. When asked about the terrible effects of inflation on low-income families today, Freeland responded by stating, “[it] is a reminder of why climate change is so important and why as a country, we have to work even harder and move even faster towards a green economy.” This comment indicates not only her lack of concern about the pain and suffering of Canadians, but also her obsession with WEF’s policies.

The Trudeau government is following the WEF policies on climate change and is obsessed with the issue.  To achieve the goal of zero emissions, Trudeau has imposed on Canadians a carbon tax and enacted legislation which destroys the oil and gas industry. He has now ordered farmers to reduce fertilizers by 30% over the next eight years. The farm industry, however, argues that there are simply no viable ways to reduce emissions without reducing the use of fertilizers, which will lower crop yields. Due to this policy, Canadian farmers are expected to suffer over $48 billion in lost revenue. It is significant that the use of industrial fertilizers has led to the world’s ability to feed more people which is good thing for humanity. This does not seem to be relevant to Trudeau, or the fact that this policy will drive the price of groceries even higher. This is factual evidence that Canadian policies have been influenced by the World Economic Form.

Where Does the Loyalty of the Trudeau Government Lie? The influence of the WEF on Trudeau, Freeland and many other Canadian politicians is not a theory. It is a fact. This raises concerns as to whether Trudeau and his WEF cabinet members are loyal to Canada or to the WEF.  On the facts, it is obvious that the Liberal government is ignoring the concerns of Canadians and is, instead, responding to the global interests and policies of the World Economic Forum and the global elitists who are unelected bureaucrats forcing their policies upon Canada.


Klaus Schwab was born in Germany in 1938 and his dad owned an ammunitions factory that supplied the Nazis. His dad was honoured and received a metal from the Nazis for supplying the materials for the war effort. Little information is available as to Klaus Schwab’s upbringing – i.e., the degree to which he was educated to believe in Nazi doctrine. But whatever he was taught in his youth, he is, today, one of the most ardent believers in, and proponents of a socialist political system (Marxism) and totalitarian rule. His hero is Karl Marx.

The WEF basic concepts are perennial in their attraction to those who seek to dominate by tyrannical and authoritarian rule:

  1. Create an elite class of those who are highly positioned in both industry and politics. (That’s already been accomplished through the WEF).
  2. Cripple the middle-class economically, so that they no longer have the power to make their own life decisions. (We are seeing this happen before our very eyes today and what is taking place to destroy the middle-class, to destroy culture and society).
  3. Dramatically increase the people’s dependency on the State or government as a relief from the economic hardship that is actually being created by policies of the State itself today (housing, inflation, high food prices and food shortages, zero carbon, climate change agenda, etc.).
  4. Remove people’s freedoms, in trade for the promise of large generous government handouts from the State [Build Back Better (socialism) where you’re totally dependent on the state, Basic Guaranteed Income, etc.]
  5. Institute a police state and totalitarian rule to ensure that the new paradigm will be lasting. (Government institutions, state media propaganda, vaccine and other digital passwords, digital currencies, etc.).
  6. Once controls are fully implemented and the populace has become dependent on the new system, they then begin to remove the promised entitlements. The idea behind this final point is that, once the population is thoroughly dependent upon the State, they will have lost the power to object or rebel if entitlements are removed. They are then fully dominated and become serfs to their master elites.

Of course, if any individual were to read the above menu, they would immediately say, “No way!” and reject the program outright. Therefore, if such an oppressive regime were to be imposed upon people, it would need to be sold to them as a benefit, not as enslavement hence the motto You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Governments are going to default on all debt and this slogan make it sound like they’re doing you a big favour when instead it was all for them.

People have to be reminded that Adolf Hitler was proud of saying, Make the lie big. Keep it simple. Keep on saying it and eventually, they will believe it.” (Example: climate change, zero carbon, etc.). But today, the justifications listed above are now solidly in the completion stage of point #2 and have begun to provide the offer of point #3: the promised solution to the populace.

And so, we now return to our poster boy for totalitarianism: Klaus Schwab. His fame has been earned through his creation and chairmanship of the World Economic Form (WEF). Over the last half-century, their infiltration of governments, political leaders, local and international institutions, health and educational systems, major corporations and industry, the WEF has grown in influence to become one of the foremost leaders in the proposed New World Order – the agenda for the coming one world government.

As with Hitler, in order to sell fascism (communism in this case) to the people of the world, the technique once again is to “Make the lie big.” Karl Schwab’s video offers an idyllic state in which people can rid themselves of all their personal debt, the political upheaval and the social unrest that is now expanding so rapidly as it is caused by these global elite idiots and their agenda. Why? So, they can Build Back Better in a more communistic way. I don’t know if you remember that this same slogan was used in the last American election, Canadian election, British election, New Zealand election, French election and probably many others around the globe. So, what needs to be done to build back better? Well, the obvious answer is they’re going to have to destroy what is in place now; governments, institutions, culture, society, and build back better using their ideology of socialism (communism).

Their proposed solution is that you sign over your right to own possessions on a permanent basis, in trade for a life in which there is minimal responsibility. The new world government will provide you with a basic income. You will rent whatever you need – a residence, a vehicle, appliances, etc., etc. Hence, they promote this Motto Logo 2030, “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy”.


The UN “2030 Agenda” pushes a blueprint for so-called “sustainable development” around the world. This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet. The “goals” of this document are nothing more than a code for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world’s most powerful globalist corporations like Monsanto and DuPont. Every single point in this UN agenda is to be achieved through centralized government control and totalitarian mandates that resemble Communism 2.0. Communism failed the first time, and they are going to try it again. Why? Governments of the world have been borrowing and printing money, like there’s no tomorrow, since after World War II with no intention of ever paying it back and now they finally have come to the end of their rope where they can’t kick the can down the road much further. Governments will never admit that they were at fault. So, what did they do? They turned to Klaus Schwab’s socialistic policies because it promises them the only way out whereby, they can still retain their power over the people.

At the direction of the WEF, the United Nations is preparing to massively expand its powers to overrule individual sovereign nations and position itself as an unelected single-world government. The United Nations is planning to unveil proposals for the unprecedented expansion of its influence during the upcoming “Summit of the Future” conference in May 2024 which nations of the world will be voting on.

The “Summit of the Future” conference will bring together UN allied nations and non-governmental organizations such as the WEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), to discuss a sweeping policy agenda. The agenda speaks of left-wing initiative such as increasing the size of government to operate on a global level, digital censorship, and drastic pandemic and climate proposals.

By allowing the UN to expand its powers in this way, the unelected organization will be able to overrule the laws of countries around the world to pursue its own globalist agenda. The powers would include the United Nations to violate America’s constitutional rights, for example, by stripping citizens of their free speech rights with radical censorship policies. The proposals will see America “relinquish its sovereignty” and allow the UN, WEF, and WHO the power to rule over them. That’s why it is exceedingly dangerous for the United States to relinquish its sovereignty and allow any of these organizations the power to rule over them.

Elsewhere in the UN’s proposal are calls for mandatory globalized digital IDs. All individuals under the UN’s control would have a digital ID that is linked to their bank account. With the eventual rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s), authorities would be able to monitor and control the spending of citizens in a cashless society. Those whose spending indicates that they pose a risk of contributing towards a major climatic event could be swiftly punished and have their bank accounts frozen much like the Canadian truckers.

On another socialistic front the World Health Organization is pushing an agenda that really has nothing to do with world health but world tyranny. The WHO will declare pandemics, and the world is supposed to bend its knee to their tyrannical powers. They will criticize countries that do not follow, and they intend to use the UN to impose sanctions against these countries that do not submit to WHO authority.

This only increases the tensions for world conflict. With Covid 19, they got a taste of power and cannot simply let go. They not only created the sharp decline in GDP worldwide with their lockdowns and fake news over a lab-grown virus but pushed a gene therapy, calling it a vaccine, which never prevented you from getting it nor spreading it.

The WEF thought lockdowns were a wonderful idea. They invited everyone to rejoice and to tell them how wonderful it was to lose all liberty. Economically, they broke the supply chain and set into motion inflation that is not going to be subdued because of shortages or rising interest rates for years to come.

The UN is pushing to reduce the food supply by attacking farmers worldwide, and that risks starvation and the rise in disease. All the great plagues in history have festered because of malnutrition. Is that what they are deliberately trying to create again? How quickly we forget the horror of what they did by locking us down and isolating us for a manufactured disease that was not that much more lethal than the annual flu, which also kills people as a respiratory disease. They even pushed for censorship and stripping people of their fundamental rights to free speech and assembly, all to maintain their tyrannical powers over the entire world. Anything that Bill Gates and the WEF touches, I believe, cannot be trusted. This will increase world tension, high inflation, undermine the world economy, and promote international war.

This is the very same theory being rolled out by the UN, using climate change (net zero CO2) as the excuse to become the overruling power because no single country can solve the problem. It will take a global effort. Realizing that this is a different objective, they are now using the World Health Organization to scare the heck out of people, and they will dictate to all countries the justification for locking people down when, in fact, this is all about their deep concern about rising major civil unrest as a result of the coming sovereign debt crisis when governments can no longer sell new debt to pay off the old debt. A debt default is surely coming before 2028. (Who’s going to buy US government bonds? China who is the biggest buyer of US debt is no longer buying.

This is how the government will use WHO recommendations claiming you have violated health issues to imprison you and strip you of your right to free speech and assembly. All of which I’ve mentioned is being done under the guise of pandemic preparedness. Two WHO treaties are being secretly negotiated now to advance this: a Pandemic Treaty and the massively amended set of International Health Regulations. Look, these people are only concerned about retaining power at all costs. Readers need to be forewarned that we are entering the final stages before our freedoms are taken away and they, the global elites, will have total control of our lives and we become their serfs.

THE GREAT RESET – Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies

For those readers who are not familiar with the Great Reset, it is one of the key agendas of the WEF best described as “You will own nothing and be happy” – an agenda to reset the world’s financial system through use of digital IDs and linked to Central Bank Digital Currencies. Basically, it is a cashless society where the bankers and the global elites are your masters. They want to create their form of socialism (communism) and impose it on the people – tyranny and authoritarian rule by the WEF global elites.

The Great Reset requires us to surrender all control to one centralized power. They want to control every aspect of our lives, including how we spend what they deemed to be money. They are ushering in a “dark world” where one centralized government will rule over us all, we the people. They have become neofascists and are basically the storm troopers for this coming authoritarian government which is pretty scary as there are a lot of them, and they have a lot of money backing them.

The great reset is the total enslavement of humanity. The total dependency of people on government (global elites). The great reset plan includes the destruction of supply chains, the energy sector, food supply, and workforce, to create dependency on the government, which in turn will be taken over by private interests and central banks through the collapse of the global economy.

A video has emerged of one of the world’s most powerful bankers boasting about plans to eliminate cash and gain “absolute control” over the global population through the use technology and digital money. Yes, they will just use technology to enslave you and control you.

Central Bank Digital currencies are being touted by global power elites as a means to usher in a cashless society and gain absolute control of everyone’s money. Government agents will theoretically have knowledge of every item purchased by its citizens. Aside from surveillance, concerns are mounting about how much control over a person’s finances such a system would allow. Much like big tech companies shutting down the accounts of users who “violate” their policies; a person could, in theory, lose access to their own money due to their actions or political views and that’s very scary.

What we are seeing is a push towards global government that is being camouflaged and cloaked in humanitarianism, multiculturalism, as well as manufactured threats such as Zero CO2 and planned pandemics to condition the population into accepting globalization and their New World Order, their one world government.

In order for this to occur the global elite (WEF) are planning to create a global financial crisis the likes of which the world has never seen – The Great Reset. The governments will default on all debt and throw the world into chaos. Out of the ashes of this financial crisis will rise the phoenix of what is to be a New International Economic Order and Global Governance. The public will be told that this new order is the way to stabilize the world economy and save what little remains of their wealth.

The global elites, on the other hand, have been consolidating their wealth for a long time buying into key industries, real estate, etc. Bill Gates is the biggest owner of farmland in the United States. So, you see when the world financial system finally crashes the global elitists will be positioned to buy what’s left for pennies on the dollar. Where does this leave the rest of the world financially? The answer is in bondage to a Techno-Communistic World Government System led by the World Economic Form, UN, WHO, and the hidden hands that control the public face of that cabal.

If you pay close attention you can see that everything around you is being engineered towards this goal: Vaccine passports, media censorship of free speech, supply and food shortages from lockdowns, war on global farmers to destroy their livelihoods plus banning meat, dairy products, rice, and coffee and just last week a spokesman for WEF talked about having to do away with people planting their own gardens for food, getting rid of the oil and gas industry and gas vehicles, getting rid of all the CO2 when it is an essential gas necessary for plant life on earth, plans to bring in Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to control every aspect of your life; telling you what you can do and what you can’t do or face the consequences of a frozen bank account.


This is pretty obvious to me and I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to you. Now, what we’re seeing and what the world is witnessing is that these globalist elites are hell-bent on tearing the family unit apart and destroying the culture with their extremism on transgender, pronouns and wokeness agenda (LGBTQ). Yes, the WEF are now coming after your grandchildren. It’s a global waged war on children and they will stop at nothing till they have corrupted every last innocent life.

The WEF penetrates government cabinets of Western nations and gets them to normalize pedophilia by changing legislation. Just recently the European Union just legalized child pornography. In Spain pedophilias were boldly parading around naked kids during a “Pride Parade” all in the name of tolerance and diversity. They call it progressivism. According, to WEF founder Karl Schwab, The EU’s push to normalize pedophilia and normalize sexual relations with children must now be adopted with the same enthusiasm in the United States.”

Guess what, the government in Washington are taking it further than any leader would go other than perhaps Kim Jung-Un from North Korea. Well, I’m not sure that he would even permit children castration. The American public schools want to indoctrinate children from an early age. This is why they are refusing to listen to parents who are pleading with the teachers not to teach their kindergartners about pronouns and sex. The government under Biden is passing laws permitting children to make life-alternating decisions without their parents’ consent. In fact, they are working to punish parents who do not cave to the woke agenda. It’s apparent that the government is taking away parental rights entirely and this should concern everyone. The nations parental cry should be Stay Away From Our Kids.”

Yes, it’s pretty obvious, these Global Idiots want society and the family unit to crash and burn so they can rule the planet because they think they are far superior to the rest of us and want to make us their serfs.



There is so much more that I need to share with you regarding the specifics of the WEF agenda, the propaganda war, the US presidential election, the destruction of culture and society, and the pushing for more war but I’m going to stop here for now as this letter is getting long and it will give you time to digest what has been written. I will work on part two and send it to you in the next few weeks.

IN CLOSING, I want you to see that what is taking place now and what’s coming in the next few years is going to affect everyone – you, me, your children, and your grandchildren in a dramatic way, in fact, it is already affecting us in the cost of day-to-day living expenses.

Today, it’s evident as we are watching global power shifting as a current US-led world order is breaking down at an accelerating pace. That’s why it’s crucial to shift through the noise and propaganda to put the pieces together correctly to see the true geopolitical big picture that’s unfolding just before our eyes right now. In the book I wrote in 2016 called the “Signs Of Our Times,” I talked about the coming economic meltdown. In the book I mentioned that I expected to see the beginning or be in the middle of this by the year 2024 and here we are.

The economic collapse is not necessary an event, it is a process and it’s been going on for some time to bring us to this point to where we are today. I have no doubt that in the years 2025 to 2030 we will face the worst economic crisis imaginable with a distinct risk of moving into a state of economic totalitarianism. Yes, these are unprecedented times, and we are charting new territory almost every day. Many people will fail to grasp the enormity of the coming economic crisis before us and as a result they will be in dire straits. It will be unlike anything we have experienced before in our lifetimes or in our parents’ lifetimes. This is why it is incumbent upon all individuals to be informed about the climatic days in which we now live. We are heading for an economic meltdown and the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching.

Look, this is a very serious matter that will impact everyone’s life. I didn’t write this to scare you but to inform you, warn you, and prepare you for what is coming…

Oscar Leske

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